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  1. Gunni

    Hatteras - bomb cyclone

    Reading All-You-Get’s story of coming up the Atlantic this past week; and Capta’s caution regarding the ocean river Gulf Stream, reminded me of the weather phenomena out over the Graveyard of the Atlantic that was hopefully only witnessed by the meteorologists last week - a rare bomb cyclone...
  2. Gunni

    2018 Insurer Hall of Fame (or Shame)

    Well, it is that time of year again. Insurance renewal. If you have a documented vessel insured by a marine insurer and have had claims experience, either good or bad let’s hear about it! Have a great broker in the mid-Atlantic?
  3. Gunni

    Trogear Bowsprit?

    Anyone done an install on the Trogear bowsprit? Maybe the most elegant, well designed sprit I have ever seen. Yeah, I know they are pricy but wow, no deck clutter, they fold up, carbon-fiber strong/light, and boom, my Assym rigged and ready! Anyone have one?
  4. Gunni

    New Moeller self-venting portable gas tanks

    New self venting fuel caps, pop open at +5 PSI to prevent the tank from over pressuring. Manual override. If you leave your fuel line connected to your outboard in the hot sun it can over-pressure your fittings, cause leaks and even fill your engine with fuel. EPA and CARB compliant. Above...
  5. Gunni

    Feast of Saint Patrick

    As we prepare for the feast (served popularly in generous flagons, and cups). Let's raise a glass to immigrants past, and the most famous of original unwanted immigrants, the Irish. God bless them they've been struggling for independence and run out of their homeland Eireland in the British...
  6. Gunni

    East coast Nor’easter this weekend.

    Hope everyone is ready, we get a whopper Nor’easter starting in the A.M Friday. The wind field extends into the northern Chesapeake and looks real bad for Massachusetts. Surge and high water. Expect hurricane force winds. Headed to the boat (on the hard) to make sure the jack stands are...
  7. Gunni

    Managing a hydro-lock risk.

    What is the best way to manage a situation where the engine will not start and extended cranking has filled the exhaust system with sea water? I have a water muffler drain but it is located below a bolted down bilge cover. Removing an exhaust hose and lowering it below the thru-hull is one...
  8. Gunni

    Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

    As I sailed under sunny East Coast skies and light late summer winds this past weekend I kept a close watch on events in the Gulf and the Texas coast. After all the next one could be closer to home. This storm was predicted by the National Hurricane Center to pack a massive punch on the Texas...
  9. Gunni

    bilge blower question

    My bilge blower died and I had a new one installed. It is pulling air in from the transom dorade and blowing air into the engine compartment. That seems wrong. There are two passive dorade vents at the companionway. Seems like they should be intakes to a negative pressure engine bay...
  10. Gunni

    Adding a cabin fan

    I want to add a cabin fan to my aft cabin and I want to do it sort of right... I want to tap into an adjacent cabin lamp and share power with a Caframo fan (<0.5 amp). Plan to use a marine junction box, possibly a Newman from the site store. Question: do the lugs on the box buss connect such...
  11. Gunni

    Maryland to pilot the dredging of Conowingo Dam

    Governor Hogan is moving on a dredging plan for Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna, the largest of the Chesapeake Bay tributaries. Conowingo is now full of sediment that washed down from Pennsylvania and New York. This is a pilot program, just 25,000 cu.yds. but it prototypes a critical part of...
  12. Gunni

    Floating Ground?

    I'm switching out my fuel gauge (VDO euro ohms) for a WEMA/KUS sender and Faria gauge with American ohm range. Can I just use the existing installed wiring (signal wire and ground) that are attached to the VDO sender or do I have to separately ground the sender and the gauge. There is mention...
  13. Gunni

    Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

    The GoM Dead Zone set a new record this year - 8,800 sq. miles. Over-nutrification from the Mississippi River. Below 2 ppm oxygen the Gulf goes dead. Here's the histogram for past years. New record.
  14. Gunni

    VDO Fuel Gauge upgrade?

    My VDO fuel sender has gone bad for the second time in two years. I am fed up with the lever-arm sender design that VDO insists upon. Can't find a WEMA or Moeller sender that will work with the VDO 10-180 Ohm range. Looking for ideas. And NO, I'm not interested in a spreadsheet for...
  15. Gunni

    Log Canoe Racing - MRYC

    This weekend (24 June) the Miles River Yacht Club hosts the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe Racing Association 4th of July Racing Series in St. Michaels, Maryland. Log Canoe racing is something to see, narrow beam boats way over-canvased, hiking board ballasted, a Maryland sailing tradition. The...
  16. Gunni

    AC Day2 - TeamUSA has a Problem

    Another bad day for Team USA, lost both races. Much was made of their lifting foil size choice but there were several unforced errors that cost USA dearly. Meanwhile New Zealand kept their big light-wind foils on and simply went faster. Racing resumes this Saturday at 1300 EDT, hopefully...
  17. Gunni

    AC day1-USA is MIA

    The boats seem to be pretty much evenly matched. Able to foil at 22kts in 7kts of wind. However you have to wonder when Team USA is going to show up to the race. In race 2 USA was reeling New Zealand back in when they botched a rounding and fell flat on their hull. See 3:00 in the highlights.
  18. Gunni

    Deja Vu All Over! NZ vs. USA

    In light winds (and after a race stop for no wind) New Zealand easily defeated Sweden to win the Louis Vuitton Cup and advance to Americas Cup racing against the defender, USA. Racing begins Saturday afternoon, 17 June!
  19. Gunni

    Wallops Island tonight - sky show!

    Huge potential viewing area on the eastern seaboard tonight for the launch and deployment of colorful clouds from Wallops Island (eastern shore Virginia). Part of a NASA study of upper air currents. They were going to launch the deployment rocket last night but apparently some bozo boaters...
  20. Gunni

    Team Japan out of AC

    Team Japan (SoftBank) was eliminated by Sweden (Artemis) in the Louis Vuitton today. Real shame to see Dean Barker and the resurgent Japanese effort going home. One late tack pretty much made the difference.