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  1. capta

    Varnishing with urethane

    I thought we might do something different this time so I went looking for info. There have been several threads about using urethane as an undercoat for varnish, but any searches on this site leave me with out answers. So, I thought I ask because being stuck in quarantine is a good time to...
  2. capta

    Garmin GPSMAP 3010 or 3210

    Does anyone out there have or know anyone who has a Garmin GPSMAP 3010 or 3210 that is inoperable? I need a screen from one. It takes about ten minutes and a phillips screwdriver to remove the screen, so it's not a big, complicated job. Thanks in advance.
  3. capta


    Does anyone have or have heard of a "Proplock" by a company in Maine called Sarns Machine? It is a hydraulic shaft brake last manufactured in the early '90s. I have all the parts but apparently, if hooked up incorrectly, it will trash the Velvet Drive transmission, so I need the installation...
  4. capta

    Feed water pump

    We've been using a 12 volt Water Puppy (6.3 gpm) as a boost pump for our watermaker, but they do not like the back pressure from the high pressure pump (2.3 gpm) and over heat and fail after some time. We have a 110 volt Dometic/March water cooled continuous duty magnetic drive pump (8.3 gpm)...
  5. capta

    Starting your engine on "dead" batteries.

    I was going through a locker on the boat full of "stuff" today, trying to clean out some of that junk we boaters collect as we go through life, and I found four US dimes (a 10 cent piece for those unfamiliar with the term dime), neatly wrapped and shiny new. For those of you who do not have a...
  6. capta

    Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 12V 40Amp

    We have just installed a Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 12V 40Amp and we can't find anything in the programming instructions that is relevant to our situation. We operate our genset 2 hours a day, 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening. Can anybody suggest how we should program so we will the get...
  7. capta

    Attention: anyone heading for Grenada
  8. capta

    Coronavirus related travel in the Eastern Caribbean; Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia

    "With immediate effect all ships arriving in Trinidad and Tobago waters must submit the supporting documents requested under the Single Electronic Window e-maritime module as per arrival/departure habour master requirements to the maritime services division of the ministry of works and...
  9. capta

    Winch shims

    Fortunately, I found a couple of sets of shims for our Lewmar 65st electrics. Right part number and oh so close, but sadly they are 12 thousandths too large. Other than having new ones printed for gobs of boat bucks, can anybody think of how these could be cut down to do the job? I should think...
  10. capta

    more propane questions

    OK, so I'm trying to put together a proper propane system from the far side of the moon, and it seemed to be going OK. I bought the reg pictured below, a Trident Marine 1230-1411 L.P. Gas Regulator, for two tanks. Unfortunately, all I can purchase here are the European tanks which have the reg...
  11. capta


    I've got this great Blue Sea battery monitor @ the chart table, but the old analog meters on the Bass panel are just not as exact and easy to read as the new digital meters. I've found these cool and inexpensive digital ones (see below) that I'd like to try, just for kicks. Do I need to parallel...
  12. capta

    What would you call it?

    My Hood Stoway electric has this unit between the motor and the luff rod. It is not identified in any of the Stoway literature I have. I've tried searching for it as a gearbox, speed reducer, and reduction gear, but have not been able to find anything on the web that is the same or even similar...
  13. capta

    Need breaker info

    Do any of you have an early 80's boat (Irwin 52/65, Gulfstar 47/50/60, Morgan 46/51/60 etc.) with a Bass products breaker panel? It should have a line 1 and line 2 shore power breakers. They should be 30 amps, but I do not know the breaker model number for installation configuration. If supplied...
  14. capta

    PHII question

    Our forward head has developed a problem that confuses me. It pumps fine with the valve in the flush position, but there is major back pressure on the handle when the flush valve is in the dry position and one is pumping the toilet out. Seems like it should be an easy fix?
  15. capta

    Alden Marinefax TR-VI

    This boat came with an Alden Marinefax TR-VI, but no paper. I thought it might be good to get it going, but I've contacted Alden and they no longer supply the paper for the unit. Does anyone by chance have a few rolls lying around that they don't want, or is this unit going to follow my...
  16. capta

    AVR quandry

    It has been suggested that our older Onan 8 kw genset may perform better if we change from the old transformer regulation to a solid state AVR. Searching the web,I can find them from $23.28 on EBay to a thousand pounds in the UK. It is down to nitty gritty time and I can't find a single reason...
  17. capta

    So, let's say I go to Lithium Ion Batteries?

    From all my research it seems one of the greatest features of lithium Ion batteries is their ability to be recharged at tremendously high amps, even 100% of their capacity. Were I to build a 600 amp bank of these batteries; 12V 150AH Lithium Ion Battery | Deep Cycle Battery | Starting Battery |...
  18. capta

    Looking for a gypsy

    If any of you happen to find yourselves in a used marine parts chandlery, if you could inquire about a gypsy, Lofrans part number and description: 631036 1/2'' G40 FALKON / TITAN / PROJECT 2000 / X4 / X3.5-Windlasses, we would sincerely appreciate it. There are so many of those places in...
  19. capta

    1X19 stretch

    My wire is pretty tight. I can't get more than a couple of inches of deflection on the uppers or intermediates when I really pull hard, using my weight. ½" 1X19. Up to 20 knots to weather the leeward shrouds stay at least straight (firm), but above that they get a little to quite a bit slack...
  20. capta

    Our third decade

    How interesting to put faces to the names. Thank you and may 2018 be the best year of your lives, so far.