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  1. capta

    Best epoxy for bonding aluminum or stainless

    Were it on my boat I'd either use a nut and bolt or bolt and tap into the metal.
  2. capta

    Anyone know what this is? Anyone Need it?

    It is the plug you use when you remove your speed transducer to clean it or haul out, on many Raymarine and Garmin units. Perhapd Furuno and others use them as well as they are pretty standard in the industry.
  3. capta

    Need a durable cockpit cushion material

    Sunbrella on hard closed cell foam are probably the most durable cushions I've seen on a yacht, but they are like sitting on sandpaper blocks. I just go to the canvas maker directly and pick out what I like. As a charterboat, with all the sunscreen the customers use, everything we use yellows in...
  4. capta

    Centerboard Winch

    Not a difficult fix for a good machine shop, and probably not too expensive. Otherwise, replace winch with a block and attach a pully system with a cam cleat.
  5. capta

    Escape Rhumba Furling Issue

    That could explain it then. All I can get my Roomba to do is vacuum the floors.If he's gotten his to sail the boat and keep it clean, then they've probably fallen in love and sailed off together.
  6. capta

    i60 Wind Instrument Failure

    Another happy Raymarine customer! I've sent both the masthead transducer and meter to Raymarine on several occasions for intermittent faults only to be told everything is fine, so I'm out gobs of shipping over the years and still had the intermittent faults.. I suggest you don't go with them...
  7. capta

    New stuffing box overheating

    Sounds to me like the boat yard used the wrong size packing. Otherwise, you could have a badly misaligned engine and the shaft is wearing on the inside of the new gland, causing the heat. Personally, I wouldn't have any system that required a haul out if it failed, like the dripless glands.
  8. capta

    Genoa lines

    On a lovely summer's day I was on the helm of an 81 foot schooner, sailing in Charleston Harbor with a film crew aboard. One of the camera men was aloft filming and all aboard, about 30 people including me, had their eyes on him. I was snapped back to reality as we glanced off a green harbor...
  9. capta

    Genoa lines

    I would highly recommend a great little book called Royce's Sailing Illustrated, a fun yet very comprehensive book filled with important information for the novice sailor or experienced professional. No massive preachy tome this, just a well put together book with everything from rigging...
  10. capta

    Rolls Batteries

    I've got to agree with Don S/V on this one. You've got some really big problems to work out before you put in new batteries. Did your present batteries die a premature death?
  11. capta

    Best Deck Hatch Available

    I suggest you look into anti-seize products. Never had the problem you describe above even after 7 years or more untouched, even on SS into aluminum. Really, if you just opened a bronze one once a year without any anti-seize products, you should never have a problem.
  12. capta

    Best Deck Hatch Available

    Why continue to go with plastic? They make SS and bronze ones, which I doubt you could ever break.
  13. capta

    Life Rafts, Once Again

    On small non-passenger carrying pleasure craft I feel a life raft to be a static life saving device. Once launched, the occupants must await the actions of others for rescue. I've heard many a tale (many, many actually) of ships passing within a mile or so and never seeing the raft. On the other...
  14. capta

    Spar-Tite debacle

    I've never heard of that product. I've been using wooden wedges for over 5 decades without the slightest problem. Perhaps newer isn't always better?
  15. capta

    Tuesday might be the day I finally move the boat

    ok then, 'good luck'. hope your black box is full.
  16. capta

    Man Over Board... While Motoring!

    Assuming the boat is doing round 6 knots, i f they don't get knocked unconscious by the boat hitting them, I'd put your best bet at putting the boat into neutral and throttle down after. Either way, I doubt they'd come out unscathed.
  17. capta

    New tide info (old tide tables going away)

    Well you know, this administration really needs to start cutting expenditures and those tide tables are so very expensive to produce. Look out for more very expensive items useful for the safety of life and limb being cut to make way for such important projects as the United States Space Force!
  18. capta

    Water spigot for gallon milk jugs

    Yes sir!
  19. capta

    Water spigot for gallon milk jugs

    You know, I actually got that, but if you can get a container that does the job, why go to all this fuss? decanting a gallon of milk isn't really that hard to do, is it?
  20. capta

    Water spigot for gallon milk jugs

    Don't they sell those dispensing containers in every conrtainer store or bed Bath & Beyond store across the nation? I believe I've even seen them hanging above the racks of food in supermarket isles.