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  1. DianaOfBurlington

    Open-house party in NJ

    Curtin Marina is hosting an open-house event on Saturday the 27th in Burlington NJ. I posted this in Ask All Sailors too but hopefully Phil won't flag it here because I'm looking forward to maybe meeting up with people from this forum and may have lots of stuff of interest. Basically it is a...
  2. DianaOfBurlington

    Season-opening Open House event in NJ

    The historic, venerable, and fun family-owned Curtin Marina is hosting an open house event on Saturday the 27th in Burlington NJ. Not sure if this counts as an advertisement (sorry, Phil!); but there will be games, prizes, food, live music and priceless opportunities to meet, talk with other...
  3. DianaOfBurlington

    West Marine rigging shop Rock Hill SC

    Considering a trip from NJ to SC to pick up my anchor rode after splicing job. If anyone else has anything to either bring back or take down, I'm happy to save you at least half the shipping cost. My line will cost about 19.00 to ship down. It's coming back with chain so it'll be a lot...
  4. DianaOfBurlington

    Paint for vinyl Dorade cowls-?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for painting the vinyl cowl vents? I have several of the otherwise excellent Sea Dog Line ones; but they go really chalky and then actually dark (like they're sunburnt) and after that go very crispy. Really any paint to protect from from UV is all right...
  5. DianaOfBurlington

    Brightside paint job; and looking for help

    STILL trying to get this boat painted! For those who have noticed, this project has taken about an eon too long, and there are many reasons for that; but the main reason for the last three years' delay has been the paint job. Please keep in mind that this entire project has been done by me...
  6. DianaOfBurlington

    LONGER lengths of anchor-lead chain

    Hi, gang. I'm interested in finding lengths of polymer-coated chain, preferably BBB or Hi-Test, in 1/4" or 5/16" size. Standard retail-available lengths at 4-6 ft are inadequate for most cruising boats (probably serving only appearance requirements). A 13- or 14-lb Danforth (Lightweight)...
  7. DianaOfBurlington

    US Federal Documentation

    Has anyone ever successfully documented a Hunter 25? By my understanding the '5-ton' requirement is achievable in that the USCG always considers a vessel as able to be loaded to within a fraction of an inch of being swamped, in calm weather (it's a theoretical thing). The H25 displaces between...
  8. DianaOfBurlington

    White antifouling paint - anyone with experience?

    I had an interesting discussion with the Pettit Paint rep recently in which I mentioned that at Cherubini we always used to paint the bottoms with Interlux ACT in Shark White and was thinking about doing the same for Diana, just because of the tradition (we even had a song about it; typical...
  9. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 waterline stripe poll

    Hello, all. Before I jump off the dock and commit to painting this boat's waterline stripe, I wonder if anyone with a first- or second-generation (1974-1979) H25 would care to share some dimensions on the waterline stripe. The accompanying pic shows my current tape markings. These came from...
  10. DianaOfBurlington

    Water-based bottom paint

    This is a newish matter so I didn't look if it's been addressed somewhere else in the boards. Currently the Aqua Guard bottom paint, made in Lakewood NJ by Barnegat Bay boaters, is being championed as an 'eco-friendly' sort of bottom paint. It releases no toxins into the water, doesn't poison...
  11. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 upper shrouds

    I seem to have lost the original shroud tangs for the upper end of my upper shrouds. Before I get the replacement ones made up, I'll need to have the total lengths right. Would anyone care to post a photo of original H25 (gen-1; 1972-1976) shroud tangs, that go at the top of the mast, so I can...
  12. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 boarding ladder

    I am looking for a boarding ladder that can be fixed-mounted (not removable), that folds down (not telescoping!), that's all-stainless (7/8" being ideal), that can be deployed by either one in the water or one on deck. It must be very narrow (about 10") and have staggered standoffs to be located...
  13. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 boarding ladder

    I am looking for a boarding ladder that can be fixed-mounted (not removable), that folds down (not telescoping!), that's all-stainless (7/8" being ideal), that can be deployed by either one in the water or one on deck. It must be very narrow (about 10") and have staggered standoffs to be...
  14. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 hull zincs-?

    I am wondering what, if anything, other H25 owners have done about zinc anodes on the hull. My boat had none when I got her. She now has 115vac but only for dockside, and the green wire carries the stray current ashore (no ground plate). The seacocks are Marelon. The speedometer transducer...
  15. DianaOfBurlington

    Farewell from JC2

    I'd like to thank all the Cherubini Hunter owners for their long-time respect and affection for these past years. I've never begrudged, not for one second, providing the $200 or so of 'free' advice each week since about 2004. It's been my pleasure to share the camaraderie with you and to...
  16. DianaOfBurlington

    Lewmar #6 in chrome

    Need two. Will make reasonable deal(s) for up to three. Anyone?
  17. DianaOfBurlington

    Forespar Mini-Galley or Force 10 Seacook

    Anyone have one no longer needed? I've already asked Forespar. I threatened them with making and selling them myself ;)
  18. DianaOfBurlington

    Stainless-steel rails and pulpits

    I am looking to have custom-made rails built for Diana. Does anyone know of East-Coast (preferably Connecticut to Virginia) makers of these who may be relatively economical? All three of these rails are pretty simple (like two bends, two welds each); I just don't want to order them from the...
  19. DianaOfBurlington

    Whose h25 is this?

    I pass this H25 several times a week and wonder if we know whose this is. It's in the back channel, at about 43rd or 44th Street in Sea Isle City. Looks like a series-2 1974-1976 trunk-cabin model. I can't get close enough to see it better as it's behind someone's house. On a related note, I...
  20. DianaOfBurlington

    Annapolis 2015

    Just curious about who might be going to the show. I aim to be there on Friday, pretty much all day. (There are no Cruising Outpost parties planned-- BB and his gang overloaded the place last year.) I have a few visits to make to potential distributors, both with books and with a very...