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    Screws into fiberglass

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    Loose Bolt on the end of my "84" Oday 222 boom - How the heck do I tighten this? HELP!!

    It seems that looking at your photo that the bolt seems cocked! Maybe it's just the angle. Also the topping lift seems bent. I would follow Crazy Dave's advice.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day

    I agree with you, I love the classic lines. She is a gorgeous craft.
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    Stainless question

    If the material is thin and you decide to have it TIG welded, make sure the welder has experience with thin material. Or you will have a really big hole. I like the smacking suggestion:plus:
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    Water spigot for gallon milk jugs

    If there is one check Amazon.
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    True Wind Discussion Redux

    Wow after reading all these reply's to the OP made my head spin. I am glad I just sail for pure pleasure, and don't care much about speed. Then again that is just me.
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    My sons $1 Dollar sailboat, gets a re-fit.

    Tom it's posts like yours that I enjoy the most. Your pictures and storyline are always what I look forward to on SBO forums. Cheers:beer:
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    Which sealant should I use?

    I have decided to go with SIKAFLEX 505UV. I wanted more of a sealant/calk rather then a adhesive. I hope it adhears as well as Tom stated, as I don't want to do this project again. Thanks again for all the advice.:beer:
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    Which sealant should I use?

    OK I think I have narrowed it to these two SIKA SIKAFLEX 505UV, or 521UV. I am only looking for a sealant, that is UV resistant. Any thoughts?
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    Which sealant should I use?

    I guess what I thought would be a simple question is not so simple. I guess I'll be doing more research. I sure don't want the nasty black/brown color after all the wood prep. I thought Boatlife would make sense.
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    Which sealant should I use?

    Thanks for the information. I will look into Boatlife life calk, and the Sika 291. I have gotten excellent advise from Tom so I am leaning towards his suggestion. Thanks again for the suggestions, cheers.
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    Which sealant should I use?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I am lazy and tired after sanding all the old Cetol off my teak toe rail to search the archives. What product should I use to seal the toe rail to deck? The toe rail was sanded, two coats of sealer and three coats of spar varnish. The rail is still...
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    Isinglass cleaner

    Your right about Amazon. I don't know how I missed it. Thanks
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    Isinglass cleaner

    Thank you for your reply. I read a lot of reviews, and I will try Star Brite View Guard first and then Imar. Star Brute products are available locally, and also on Amazon. Not so much for Imar. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions, cheers:beer:
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    Removing Oxidation

    That is the only way to get rid of oxidation. I recommend wet sanding, that is what I found to give the best results. Good luck.
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    Big three open Marina's

    Well I read this morning that the Big three Gov's of NY, NJ, and Conn. are opening Marina's in there States. It still includes social distancing. I am a boater and am glad that people can go to there boats , but with the amount of people that use Marina's, I would have thought opening State...
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    Sailor Rescued 200 Miles off Jersey Coast

    Hey Will I doubt anyone in there right mind would leave North Carolina to escape NC-19 and go to New York! That is like sailing into a petri dish. I have to assume he was headed there for some other reason. Granted he was I'll prepared.
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    Winter In the Water

    I leave mine in during the winter. I winterize all systems and the dock has a thermostat controlled bubbler. She is pulled in the spring ( I beat the quarantine this March) power washed, waxed, bottom painted, and splashed. Jersey winters have been mild the past several years here on the...
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    Aftermarket Rudder System Help

    I agree with NYSail, his assumption seems to make the most sense.
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    Securing floor with 4200 adhesive

    Nice work, I am not a adhesive fan of interior woodwork. I second what Tom Y said. Screw it just in case you have to remove it. How did you seal the edges?