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  1. gkmoore

    Torqeedo on Cat 22?

    Hi all, I'm using a 5hp Honda 4 stroke, mostly reliable. Just wondering though if anyone has powered a Catalina 22 with a Torqeedo, either the 1003c or 1103c models. I sail on a lake, but often have to motor into a 10-15mph headwind on the way out to the body of the lake. The weight of the...
  2. gkmoore

    evaluating '81 fin keel

    I'm going to look at an '81 fin keel Catalina 22 this weekend. Are they difficult to trailer launch given the depth of the keel? Any other particular issues that come to mind?
  3. gkmoore

    Bow pulpit question

    Hello all, I've removed the bow pulpit from my '82 Catalina 22. Clearly was not original equipment- I'll post pictures later. There are extra holes drilled for mounting and you have to really squeeze and stretch the 'legs' to get it to line up. I'm searching for a replacement and my main...
  4. gkmoore

    Deck color question

    I'm about to paint the deck on my boat, have already bought Interlux Brightsides White, I think I would like to pain the tan areas (non-skid) as well while I have the hardware off. Two questions: anyone know what color matches the Catalina 22 tan (1982 model). What type of paint is preferred for...
  5. gkmoore

    Moeller flanging tool

    I'm planning on putting cockpit scuppers in this winter, as described in this forum. I have priced the Moeller 1-1/4 inch tool, with shipping it will run me about $47. I was wondering if anyone has one lying around to sell me for less money. It looks like it would fit in a small priority mail...
  6. gkmoore

    Refinishing tiller- questions

    I'm sanding down the tiller as the previous finish had some cracks/peeling going on. Where the finish had come off there are black stains in the wood. I'm afraid sanding to eliminate these would take the wood down too far, and was wondering if one could bleach the wood somehow? Also, for gouges...
  7. gkmoore

    Jib cars slapping

    Hello all, been a while since I posted, have been enjoying sailing the boat this summer after doing work on it last winter. When I use my 110 jib, the jib cars appear to be placed best near the aft end of the inboard track. However, in this position when the sail luffs, the car slaps against the...
  8. gkmoore

    Rotten core repair

    I've been potting the holes for hardware and when I removed the electrical connector found a significant rotted area- could pass a wire forward about 8 inches through the hull. It sounded quite hollow on most of that area so I have cut out the deck and cleaned out most of the rotted wood (see...
  9. gkmoore

    mast step/plate

    Hi all, I'm in the process of removing all deck hardware, potting the holes and re-bedding the hardware. My question regards re-attaching the mast plate. It was secured with 4 machine screws into the deck (the large aluminum backing plate). Do you all feel this is adequate, or should I...
  10. gkmoore

    Best way to repair this damage?

    Looking for ideas on how to repair this damage on front edge of sliding hatch. Looks like a heavy ball hit it, has concentric rings, but no real depression I can see. I have another similar area on stern, but on that one the center is depressed about 1/16". PC240052 by gkmoore posted Dec 25...
  11. gkmoore

    Pop top winches

    Hello all, and thanks for the many tips I have garnered here. I have a 1982 Catalina 22, just finished a bottom job and got the keel back on yesterday- using many tips found here. My boat was once owned by a pretty serious racer, who made many modifications. I am a cruiser, but hope to learn to...
  12. gkmoore

    Nylon keel cable??

    Hi all, My first post here, but not my last as I have many questions as I refurbish my 1982 Catalina 22 (#11035). Raised the boat off the trailer and dropped the keel to do a bottom job. The keel 'cable' from PO is actually a braided nylon (?) line, appx 3/16" diameter. It obviously has done...