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    Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement

    I want to replace my faulty Universal Sending Unit with a WEMA unit. However, I noticed that the space between the the top of the tank and the underside of the deck above is only about 140 mm. The tank is about 280 mm deep and therefore probably needs a 25 mm unit. This would require inserting...
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    Bronze Engine fittings

    Would you paint engine bronze fittings, such as the Oberdorfer Raw Water pump, or just let it go green?
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    Looking for some advice on what size fuse I should use to protect my batteries or what’s downstream from them. They are a bank of 150 A each in parallel and are being used for starting the engine and as house power. Engine is a 25MPBXC. The fuses are the ones right next to the batteries/battery...
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    VHF Antenna Splitter Breakdown?

    Recently I noticed that the AM/FM Radio lit up and the speakers made a noise whenever I pressed the send button on the VHF Mic, even though the radio was turned off , including at the fuse switch. As disconnecting the FM aerial from the splitter stopped this problem, I replaced the splitter...
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    Weak Radio Transmission

    As a result of a recent VHF radio check with the local Marine Rescue station I discovered that my transmission is weak/slightly broken up. Any suggestions how to check whether it is a faulty radio or antenna (without climbing the mast) ? couldn’t find anything specific in the ‘Search Forum’...
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    Online Purchase

    Has anyone had positive online dealings with “Go2Marine” ? This name is new to me and I just want to make sure it is not a ‘fly by night’ outfit. My order would only be for some smaller bits.
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    Squeaks in engine

    Witzend – in 2011 you posted a thread re squeaks from the engine/alternator belt/pump/s. Did you ever find the cause of the problem? Seem to be hearing similar noise: intermittent almost metallic chirping that seems to disappear when engine has run a while. Alternator runs freely without belt...
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    LP Gas Leak Detection

    The manual/instruction sheet of my gas range recommends a leak check by opening/closing the tank valve and then observing whether there is a drop in pressure. As far as I can see, this only addresses the gas tightness in the line from the tank to the solenoid operated safety valve. Should one...
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    Cat 310-Side Decks Colour

    Has anyone ever tried to match the colour of the non-skid gelcoat of the side decks or cockpit sole? I am trying to repair some small chips, but find it hard to match the color. It does not seem to be a 'plain' white/black grey. (If Catalina could sell me some original gel - as suggested by...
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    MP 4 Connection to Radio

    Has anyone ever connected a MP 4 player to the 310 Radio/CDplayer output? Would it be possible?
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    It eludes me why the Raymarine Smartpilot is not smart enough to calculate true wind speed from SOG, once the latter is fed thru by the GPS via NMEA. My query to Raymarine produced this reply: “For True wind data you need to have Speed through the water, not SOG. Using SOG and Apparent wind...
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    Cockpit Locker Guillotine

    Have finally managed to eliminate the Guillotine effect of the cockpit locker lid with two caravan gas struts (one for redundancy). Works like a charm.
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    Oil Pressure Alarm

    Could one of the Universal XPB experts perhaps help me out of a very frustrating phase. Recently one of the prongs of my Oil Pressure Switch broke off and set the alarm off. After chasing all over Sydney to find a similar replacement, I find now (after also discovering that I could have bought...
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    Two Questions

    1)Has anyone installed grabrails outside on either side of the companionway? I noticed my daughter trying to hold on to the winches whilst either sitting or standing there (even though there is foot support in that particular narrow spot of the cockpit), when the boat is heeled in a rough sea...
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    Burglar Alarm

    It appears that the two legged variety of cockroaches is on the move again around our moorings. Has anyone rigged an inexpensive intruder alarm on their boat? One of the important aspects would have to be the red blinking LED indicator, visible through the windows at night, similar to a car...
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    Jabsco Toilet lubrication

    A question for the Headmistress, please? I recently read your advice to lubricate the toilet pump piston with teflon. Have done that with great success, until it started squeaking etc and working hard today. Whilst a re-lube is not a big deal, I wonder whether the use of "Sudbury Marine Toilet...
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    Filling Watertank

    When I filled up my freshwater tank recently, I waited for the water to exit the vent as a sign that the tank was full and turned the hose off. To my surprise, 30 minutes later, the bilge pump started. I then emptied over a bucket of water out of the bilge. Is there an additional overflow...
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    DC Outlet

    My 310 has several AC outlets, but none for DC. Noticed that some (older?) control panels incorporated a DC outlet. Has anyone installed a DC outlet? Would appreciate suggestions as to how and where.
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    This may be of some interest to other Catalina owners Question to Westerbeke: “I have never been able to track down any listing of such model, only an M25 XPB. Is there such model as the XPBC?” Answer: “The Universal M25XPBC is basically the same as the M25XPB other than the engine DC harness...
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    Schaefer Jib Furler - Expert Advice (not)

    Has anyone else had a problem with chafe to their genoa from the furler? If so, how was it resolved? The following (hopefully not too longwinded) excerpts from correspondence with Schaefer might be of general interest: Request for advice to Schaefer: "Whilst the furling mechanism of the furler...