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  1. montigre

    Photoday! Where do you keep your boat?

    B dock in a small, out of the way marina in Edgewater, MD. Very quiet and mostly occupied by sailboats.
  2. montigre

    Leaks - How do you find them?

    No, just 1 person. After the plastic is on the companionway, cut a small hole in it for the shop vac and then duct tape around the vac hose. Then you're free to scrub down your boat with the soapy water.
  3. montigre

    carbon filter for the water

    I have an inline carbon filter system and chlorinate my fresh water tanks to kill off any marina bugs. I also use bottled water et al for drinking.
  4. montigre

    Here's a pic for you Chessy guys...

    I was putzing around in the bay one day and the Lady Maryland sailed by giving one of her sailing tours and one thing that really impressed me at that time was the rather smart turn of speed she had. Those schooners are really fast, graceful boats!!
  5. montigre

    Companionway Lock

    I really like that idea. Simple, inexpensive, and looks to be very effective! 2 thumbs up for that one!!
  6. montigre

    Navigation seat

    This is true, but in my boat, if I sat on the coaming, I'd have to steer with my feet. Not a good thing being only 5'5" with wheel steering.....;)
  7. montigre

    Liability...... Good Samaritan or just a fool

    I'd retie the boat and then inform either the dockmaster or marina manager. I would also hope someone did that for my boat if found in a similar situation. I'd much rather risk losing a cleat if tied improperly than the entire boat if just left to flounder....
  8. montigre

    Rookie education

    If you get caught in a hefty downwind blow, you may want to drop the main and sail with either a storm foresail or highly furled foresail to give the boat a little more stability. Can also furl the fore and go with a highly reefed main. Both ways can and do get the job done. ;-)
  9. montigre

    Pulled the trigger

    Yes, I had read that article and the caveats of poor engine access and initial tenderness were certainly on my radar. The Pearson has very good engine access and from what little I have been able to find, also has an excellent reputation as a coastal and near off shore sailing vessel. I have...
  10. montigre

    Pulled the trigger

    My sailing is going to be solo also. The soloing will be a new experience for me, but I am very much looking forward to getting back on the water and start cruising some.
  11. montigre

    Pulled the trigger

    Thank you. Do you also race your P-37?
  12. montigre

    Pulled the trigger

    Well, I gone and done it now..... I was out and about looking at boats--I've been soft looking for a nice cruiser for the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern US coast and came across this Pearson 39 sitting at the back of a brokerage lot. Well, I went aboard after the broker arrived, not really...
  13. montigre


    When I replaced my several years ago, I went to for the parts. The swap was very easy. May want to also replace the belt while you're at it.
  14. montigre

    ever had a currier and ives moment?

    Wow, nice story. Thanks for sharing that moment!
  15. montigre

    SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME? My brain on boats...

    I agree, pop a few of those meds you've forgotten and just get out on your boat. You can bling her out!!:pimp:
  16. montigre

    one of my favorite pics of my boat

    I also love that shot, Charlie. Sanctuary is appropriately named!!
  17. montigre

    Looking for line drawings--dark horse

    That's a great idea. If push comes to shove, I suppose I can take info from the 29.9 and tweak it a little.
  18. montigre

    Teak Toe Rail

    Did those of you who used oil do anything special to your exterior teak prior to oiling it and was it already silvered? The teak on the boat I just purchased is in great shape, but silver as a nickle and I'd like to give it a little contrast against the dark blue hull, so I'm considering either...
  19. montigre

    Looking for line drawings--dark horse

    Yes, but I can't read that one.
  20. montigre

    Looking for line drawings--dark horse

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for the line drawings for the unicorn of Bristol Yachts, the mysterious Bristol 28' masthead sloop. I just purchased this boat and can find barely anything about it. Thanks!!