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    Where is the best source for the M25XPB heat exchanger gasket?

    Bought a long piece of the right thickness rubber and made them myself. Been doing it for almost 10 years with no problems. Very cheap.
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    Swim Ladder Part

    In response to a rpwillia query, the following/attached is my setup: To start – fall overboard, then Step 1 – grab line 1 (as per pic att.) and hang on to it. This lies loosely on top of transom, is a silver floating line attached to the ladder, long enough to fall into the water, but not long...
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    Water Pump Question

    The Oberdorfer I purchased from Catalina Direct had two bad cracks in it. It cost me additional freight and lengthy time to have it replaced by them. Meanwhile, however, Oberdorfer came good and sent me a new pump free of charge virtually overnight. That pump has now been running for almost 3...
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    Main sheet length?

    The below may help. Note that I reduced the size of the inmast furling line as it makes life a lot easier.(hope this works, as for some reason I can't attach the file separately.
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    Cruising speed

    I normally haul the boat once a year. The hull is usually quite clean still, but the prop and shaft always foul substantially. The exception was 1 year ago, when the antifouling had been done by some ‘professional’ that obviously wanted to save on antifoul paint – see attached pic. However...
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    In mast roller furling problem

    My hull No is 149. Sail became harder to furl after about 12 years. Became really difficult after some leech repairs (UV damage, even though in-mast furling) which thickened the leech. New sail this year from North Sails made all the difference. It probably also helps that the new sail appears...
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    Furling Mast Water Ingress

    Have a look at these posts:
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    Charleston Spar - In mast furling

    I assume that you are referring to the furling mechanism as per [PDF]CATALINA 310 FURLING.pdf - Forums under*&spf=109 My procedures: 1.Furling Screw Line Fairly simple...
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    Weep hole

    Attached is a picture of the weep hole I had cut into the mast base when the mast was lifted. It seems to sit on/next to the bottom plate shown in PaulJ’s picture: . Even a small hole drilled just a bit higher, whilst...
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    Weep hole

    Had the same problems years ago. The masts do not appear to have an ‘inbuilt’ weep hole, relying on seepage from the mast base. However, the latter tends to clogg up with dirt and with heavy downpours the water inside the mast builds up to above the rim of the raised inlet for the wiring(see...
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Warning

    Had a similar problem over quite some time: The Alarm seemed to just start ‘croaking’ intermittently at about 2000 rpm. Checked the connections to/from oil pressure switch, to fuel pump and exciter on the alternator, which provides initial ground (incidentally, the Catalina wiring diagram does...
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    Exhaust elbow room and cabinetry alterations

    I applied the fix as per address below 6 years ago and have not had any problems since. Also, after a check of the elbow 3 years ago, the same was reinstalled a little bit further away from the bulkhead.
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    Mast base wiring connections

    On my 310, hull 149,2001, all wires were connected via strip connector above deck inside the mast – similar to black wrapped connector shown in Paulj’s photo. It is just a matter of unscrewing the connectors, as the mast is lifted. Enough cable there for it.
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    Squeaky Auto Pilot - is this normal?

    I assume it’s a ‘Smart Pilot x-5’. Mine does periodically the same thing when it is working hard in confused seas. I just flush lightly with some fresh water, whilst it is active, via the free slot in the back of the drive cover. This stops it for quite a while. Raymarine recommends flushing...
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    Fuel tank sender unit

    Have just replaced my fuel sender with a locally marketed ‘WEMA’ reed switch. It seems to be generally recommended ( including by Maine Sail as 2. choice). It appears to be marketed under various names, including Moeller. Cat. Direct seems to be selling it under a ‘no-name’. It is easy to...
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    Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement

    I want to replace my faulty Universal Sending Unit with a WEMA unit. However, I noticed that the space between the the top of the tank and the underside of the deck above is only about 140 mm. The tank is about 280 mm deep and therefore probably needs a 25 mm unit. This would require inserting...
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    Maintenance Schedule

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    Bronze Engine fittings

    Would you paint engine bronze fittings, such as the Oberdorfer Raw Water pump, or just let it go green?
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    310 main furler questions

    for some reason attachment did not work. Happy to send it to yourPM or otherwise download from Charleston Spars.
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    310 main furler questions

    Attached specs which give you all details you require. However, I replaced my furling line with an 8mm line on recommendations of a rigger. The 10mm line almost jams in the furler and causes immense friction. It is easy to replace (once you have the grub screw out that locks the line in the...