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  1. Ross

    Bietzpadlin is under new management

    Last fall I placed my Islander 30 on the market in several listings and got no interested inquiries. So this spring I offered it to anyone on the middle Chesapeake that would take proper care of it. I have found a new owner who will be docking her in Deltaville.
  2. Ross

    Been absent for a while

    In early March Nancy was found to have breast cancer. Unrelated to the two other cancers that she has had. She is responding well to treatment. We have decided to sell Bietzpadlin. I have talked about the boat and about Nancy extensively. If someone makes an offer for Bietzpadlin that exceeds...
  3. Ross

    Autumn sunsets

    Starting about now and continuing until cold weather sets in the sunsets will be spectacular if you can find good views.
  4. Ross

    New sail cover

    My old sail cover was completely beyond repair. The fabric was starting to fail like the knees in an old pair of jeans. So I bought some new sunbrella on Ebay and made a new cover for less than $50.
  5. Ross

    How strong are the mooring points on your boat.

    I have wondered ever since I rebuilt my boat years ago if I had made it strong enough. In the storm called Sandy I got the answer. The port side stern line pulled the dock cleat out of the pier and let the boat bump against the neighboring boat. I have a bent bolt on the boom gallows and the...
  6. Ross

    Once in a blue moon

    This month we have had two full moons and the great good fortune that they landed in midweek. Nancy and I sailed out on Wednesday and sailled back today and watched the moon rise on two nights with clear skies and cool temperatures. We will tri to get out more than just during the full moon but...
  7. Ross

    How to become a solo sailor in ten easy steps

    How to become a solo sailor in ten easy steps. 1. Make it known that it is your boat and nobody does anything unless told to do so. 2. Tell everyone, especially your spouse, what you want in the briefest posible terms. 3. It is a sign of weakness to say please or thank you or to say "well done"...
  8. Ross

    Credit for very fast service

    Yesterday at a little after 5 pm I placed an online order to McMaster-Carr. UPS tracking shows the package as out for delivery this morning. McMaster -Carr is in New Jersey and Chicago and shipping from Chicage takes a little longer..
  9. Ross

    A very good week to watch the sunset/moon rise

    Check out this web site for the evening skies the next six days.
  10. Ross

    Solar heat and GPS

    On Saturday we sailed north for about six hours with the handheld GPS in a bracket on the companion door in the sun. About two miles from home I noticed that it had suffered heat exhaustion and stopped plotting my trip. So I put it down below and turned it off. After we were secure in our slip I...
  11. Ross

    lewmar winches

    I was helping a friend today clean and lubricate the Lewmar 40 two speed winches that came with his new old boat. I was first off astonished to find that the bases were open. Then when I had taken one apart we found the ring gear fouled with a hard substance that we finally determined to be a...
  12. Ross

    Sometimes a chicken is too big for the pot

    Video for cutting up a chicken.
  13. Ross

    Sometimes a chicken is too big for the pot

    So we must cut it up.
  14. Ross

    GPS glitch

    My Garmin 72 seems to function correctly in all things except for tide predictions. No matter where i ask for a tide prediction the asnwer comes back "inaccurate results". Has anyone else encountered this?
  15. Ross

    A good night for stargazing

    Looking to the western sky tonight finds the moon and Jupiter in close conjunction and Venus about an hour ahead. Orion is about 30 degrees east of the moon.
  16. Ross

    Where we play

    I was doing some light reading and found this about the land , beaches and water off the New York and New Jersey coast.
  17. Ross

    Food to eat out of hand

    As some of you remember I was absent for a time having been distracted by another interest but I came back and I bring with me an offering. It takes some effort but is worth while. From this list: choose a sausage recipe and make that but...
  18. Ross

    Sea birds and boats

    The other day I witnessed a perfect bird repelant while I was at my boat. There was either a gull or a tern on every piling. They were just hanging out. Suddenly they started making a racket and took flight all at one time. I wondered what had spooked them until an adult Bald Eagle flew over...
  19. Ross

    Sea birds and boats

    deleted as a duplicate
  20. Ross


    I spent several hours inspecting a Pearson 30 yesterday and was overwhemed by the smell of mold on the boat. I realized that the source was the space between the hull and the liner. There is no access to that space so there is no way to clean it. I believe that installing small computer type...