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    aluminum / stainless fused.... help

    Really carbide drills on eBay are cheap ,yes they are brittle ,but again I have used them for years not breaking ,I guess it comes down to skill set.I have a box full of left handed drills they are only good if the bolt is not seize other wise useless
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    aluminum / stainless fused.... help

    As a millwright for over 38 years I've removed hundreds of broken and seized bolts. First step hit the bolt on the head with a punch and hammer ,a direct blow. Then penetrating fluid, again I've used most likely every fluid made ,#1 knockerloose. Let sit for an hour . Then comes the heat on the...
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    Help re: automatic bilge pump decision

    I have 2 pumps , 1 rule automatic , and a jabsco diaphragm pump. My bilge is shallow, on the diaphram I installed to float switches in parallel incase one fails ,one is a mechanical rule switch the other a vertical electronic switch and also install a bilge alarm. Funny before any pump or alarm...
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    Replacing hatch lexan instead of whole hatch

    Lewmar and last hatches I believe are 8mm or you can use 5/16 there is only .003 thousands difference
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    Replacing hatch lexan instead of whole hatch

    Lewmar , and I would go out on a limb all manufacturers use acrylic for all ports and hatches . Lexan(polycarbonate ) scratches very easy and will look awful in months . google it ,lots of people of spent the money only to rip them out and do it again with acrylic
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    Running backstays on Beneteau First 38?

    My buddy has them on his 375 first , the one opposite the tack your on gets tightened with block the other is loosened off. when not in use both are just tightened up ,snugged
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    Dorian is coming! Wish us luck. Here is what I've done and doing thus far.

    After allot of storms many sailboats de mast . Even with sails and boom removed. Why do you not take the mast down? I take mine down every year for winter haul out , and can do it in 30 minutes with 3 people and mast crane. I rig for crane at dock with sling and rope as I lift between double...
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    Rudder Post Failure?

    I would not use gflex or 5200 ,you do not want any movement ,more movement could lead to total failure. I would mix up west with 404 filler which is high density structural gap filler and maximum strength . Once cured I would sand, then add matt first ,followed by bi axial cloth wider than...
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    Beneteau 473

    I actually braced my rudder tube from one of the 45 degree gussets back to the wall with 3/4 epoxied plywood ,then glassed to the wall and tube .I then glassed a piece on top making a shelf. My rudder position sensor sits on top and my EV sensor core is attached to the side, serving 3...
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    Cutting hole for engine access

    The 351 has excellent access 2 doors either side of engine and the top and back of engine has access panels along with removing stairs. Here is a pics of side access, one in galley and one in rear berth
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    Boom catching in the back stays B331

    I use stainless split rings for years on all pins , goose neck. vang . lifelines and safeties on all turnbuckles they are strong and less likely to catch on you or your sail
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    Interior Mold Solution Needed

    It takes 60 minutes after treatment for the ozone to neutralize from( o3 ozone) back into (o2 oxygen) .I have a hottub that also has an ozone generator killing 99.9% of all bacteria reducing the use of nasty chemicals ,90% of all hot tubs have one installed from factory.The concentration must...
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    Interior Mold Solution Needed

    They definitely need to dehumidify ,I have a/c and no mold ,I bought one to do it once a year in the spring after 6 months on the hard after winter, sometimes you get some mold . I know people who have had nasty smells from diesel leaks ,bilge etc that has gone into upholstery etc and have rid...
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    Interior Mold Solution Needed

    There are people that I know use them all the time safely . Their boats have no mold or smell ,the gas is gone from the boat within hours. Usually when they are leaving turn it on for 2 hrs next day boat has no smells .I just bought one.
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    Interior Mold Solution Needed

    Ozone generator turn on the timer for 2 hrs and get out . There are company's that use this to rid boat of mold give access to bilge too so gas can get everywhere get a 10,000 unit about 125.00 on ebay It kills all the spores however you still must clean the dead mold using above methods
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    Mid ship cleat

    I guess you missed the title of the thread..most people are quite a where they can drill thru the boat , The point of the thread was not to drill into the boat ,I know I could have done the obvious
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    Mid ship cleat

    A little update ,I have had no problems whatsoever ,no chafe and have used this cleat to stop the boat dead coming into the slip numerous times this season. The boat is over 12,000 lbs
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    DC Bonding questions

    Buy a galvanic isolator ebay has the best prices ,I purchased mine from England for half the money they want here with a lifetime warranty.
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    Taking on water

    Have you checked your volvo dripless on drive shaft ..Keel bolts tight?I've seen a beneteau taking on water heeled over as the keel opened up as bolts were not tight enough
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    Taking on water

    Your pump has diaphragms ,you may need a kit ,I also installed a second pump rule and second hose to the back using a y into the locker drain thruhull