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  1. LeslieTroyer

    Unknown source of seawater ingress 2004 Catalina 350

    My guess is the anchor locker drain thru hull fitting. These have been known to fail.
  2. LeslieTroyer

    ST-60 (ST1) Network to NMEA 2000

    If your N2K net is already powered up you don’t need the supplied red/black cable. SeaTalk is not powered so nothing needs to be done other than connect the yellow wire.
  3. LeslieTroyer

    ST-60 (ST1) Network to NMEA 2000

    You can’t use a drop cable to connect the E22158 to your backbone using a white SeaTalkNG to N2K cable - as it will cause a split backbone with 3 terminating resistors instead buy a SeaTalkNG backbone cable and cut it in two. On one of the pieces screw on a N2K field installable connector...
  4. LeslieTroyer

    Diesel fuel line ?

    Make sure it’s coast guard rated and A1-15
  5. LeslieTroyer

    Some small-boat cruising commandments

    My definition is a small boat has less than 12” freeboard.
  6. LeslieTroyer

    Steering Failure!

    One nice feature of having a below deck autopilot - you get an extra e-tiller that’s easy to use.
  7. LeslieTroyer

    water in engine?

    I agree with anti siphon valve, but don’t see a need to replace riser unless it has problems. Make sure you drain the muffler before doing anything else.
  8. LeslieTroyer

    Leaking oil

    Lots of good suggestions. I had an elusive leak I had to resort to dye and a black light. It works great and not too pricy.
  9. LeslieTroyer


    It’s easy to fab a new panel using 1/8” black starboard. If you don’t want to do it yourself chec with Tapp plastic they may be able to cut it out given the old panel without gauges. Or if you have maker stuff at the library or other community org. To do the change over 1) take lots of...
  10. LeslieTroyer

    Funny Friday!!!

    Flying over Labor Day??
  11. LeslieTroyer

    Engine Hours and Maintenance Done to date

    You are running a lot more than a 1/2 gallon per hour thru the filter. More diesel glows back to the tank than is consumed by the engine. I suspect I’m flowing about 20gal per hour thru my M25 (I leave bleed valve open a crack).
  12. LeslieTroyer

    Engine Hours and Maintenance Done to date

    Seems like a lot. I’ve put about 1K hours in my boat and only real failure was the exhaust elbow, main traveler, batteries (start and house) and a cracked muffler. I have upgraded/re-engineered lots of other stuff. 2 new primary fuel filters and lift pumps 3” heat exchanger in place...
  13. LeslieTroyer

    Serpentine Belt Upgrade

    I use an air impact and the alternator shops ive been in use air. So I suspect your correct in a wimpy electric wrench. On another note I talked to Balmar, and asked about the crank pulley mount. Seems their M25 kit doesn’t work on my year off engine.
  14. LeslieTroyer

    310 Voltage Regulator Location

    First disconnect the batteries. You will have several wires going to your alternator 1) alternator output (B,B+) treat this wire as hot when batteries are connected 2) Field - adjusts the alternator output (F) 3) tach or AC out (S,T,P) 4) ground (G) 5) idiot light...
  15. LeslieTroyer

    110V electrical problems; line 2 cables and internal male connector burning up badly.

    Get the marina to replace the socket in the pedestal before you burn up the smart plug.
  16. LeslieTroyer

    1987 C36 - Auto Pilot recommendations

    Ev100 should take 1-2 days depending. The EV200 took several weeks to build and fit. I think it is 100% more functional than the 100
  17. LeslieTroyer

    Removing silicone caulk!?!?

    I use razor blades as a scraper -gets most of it. Read Maine Sails article on bedding fixtures over on marine how
  18. LeslieTroyer

    Knockdown in a C22

    Never a knockdown but my 1983 pop top swingkeel. I’ve buried the spreaders.
  19. LeslieTroyer

    New Forums: Questions, Suggestions, Comments

    Thanks Phill & Meriachee.