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  1. Caboteur

    Need Replacement Companionway Hatch Seals

    I had to replace two of those on my 31(I have 4 left). I think you can switch the bottom for lateral and put the bad part at the far end. I didn’t remember they were that expensive!
  2. Caboteur

    What happened to Bermuda with your 331? Will you be travelling with wife or better half? The...

    What happened to Bermuda with your 331? Will you be travelling with wife or better half? The trip from NS to Bahamas may even be as interesting as the Bahamas period itself... If the trip unsettles you, you may E-mail or call me at or 438 497 3860. I could even...
  3. Caboteur

    Bought our first boat

    On the picture the forward chainplate has been pulled up one notch... this is probably for the lower forward stay. that would make it an emergency repair: I wouldn't use the boat until it is repaired. I would lower the mast ASAP: on a 26 foot boat this isn't difficult and you don't need a crane...
  4. Caboteur

    Sailing a B331 to Bermuda??

    Just read a bit more about offshore sailing regulations... To be certified CE class A a boat must respect the latest requirements pertaining to capsizing and in the event of a capsize the requirements for self-righting. The 311 does all that. You should also carry shears or a mallet and punch to...
  5. Caboteur

    Sailing a B331 to Bermuda??

    Hello, The B331 is a CE A class boat. She is built to ocean crossing standards. Have a look at security measures to take for ocean crossing such as securing hatch-boards to the boat, sole openings, the ice-box door, make sure the oven-stove can't get loose etc. Make and test a spare rudder...
  6. Caboteur

    Blower motor circuit confusion

    Russ, I found the solenoid as indicated in the Bénéteau wiring chart for my boat, in the rear cabin close to the main switches. It took some searching to find although it is rather well indicated on the chart. As others have said this isn’t a safety issue but it can be nice to let the fan work...
  7. Caboteur

    Blower motor circuit confusion

    I have a 2009 B31 so same generation and general philosophy. My blower solenoid was activated by the alternator(?). I jury wired the solenoid to be always on and then put in a manual toggle switch from the blower positive wire. I situated the toggle just beside the control panel. Cleaned all...
  8. Caboteur

    Insurance Cost Comparison

    1- Mooring, no security 2- 2009 Beneteau 31 3- 1,367$CDN 4- 155,000$CDN Agreed value (from new, not depreciated) 2M PLPD 5- Canadian & US waters north of the George Washington bridge & south of 52ºN
  9. Caboteur

    No second reefing line

    If you think you must use something "outside" to pull the line through you can always use one of the battens from the lazy bag!
  10. Caboteur

    New to Sailing

    MOST IMPORTANT a good stove-top espresso coffee maker... the rest is just for sailing.
  11. Caboteur

    No second reefing line

    There are separate sheaves... the lines are easy to reach at each end: the rear is completely open, the forward end is a bit more difficult because of the joint but can also be worked by pushing the boom to starboard (both sheaves are on the port side). All other methods are OK it's just that...
  12. Caboteur

    No second reefing line

    Just tape the end of #2 reef line to the #1 line at entrance to the boom (mast end), pull #1 through until the #2 appears at the rear of the boom... undo your taping, thread where it all goes.
  13. Caboteur

    Raymarine Nav issues on 2009 B31

    The fluxgate compass on my 2009 B31 is in the starboard (tribord) locker... Between the two "bins" under the settee. If there are any metal cans within 50cm of that area it can go crazy... Also check the connections as earlier stated.
  14. Caboteur

    panel 12 volt lighter not working

    Key word here is »pretty » sure... there is a thin piece to laterally separate the two but no cover. All accessible. I’ve seen a cover on a more recent boat; 2010 or 2011.
  15. Caboteur

    panel 12 volt lighter not working

    Both 120V AC and 12V DC are accessible behind the panel on the Marion boats as well. So the previous advice applies as well to the US produced boats (mine is a 2009 B31).
  16. Caboteur

    Help with bent mast

    I had a kink in my T26 mast. Straightened it to the point where it became straight without tension. Then riveted a sleeve on the forward outside of the mast. Stainless rivets with grease to prevent electrolysis. This was early 90’s both boat & mast are still around.
  17. Caboteur

    panel 12 volt lighter not working

    There are breakers near (under) the panel. The cockpit light and panel light are on the lighter receptacle circuit. Just reset the breaker. If it happens again look for fault.
  18. Caboteur

    Can’t get the shore power inlet off. - KIND OF RESOLVED

    If you don't trust yourself with a heat gun, try a hair dryer on it's highest setting!
  19. Caboteur

    Autohelm 1000 vs. ST1000 gearbox

    Changed name after purchase by Raymarine... Same machine.
  20. Caboteur

    Curtain snaps - need source

    The site isn't always friendly but the people are... if at first you don't succeed, call. That usually works.