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  1. bentwing60

    Plan "B"

    Wow, I learned to fly for a living before I learned to sail. Silly priorities I guess, but that was"my world" of what if's. Trust me, they still haven't quit inventing them. And for the last 27 years I have relied on a well maintained boat and the homework to learn how to use it all. "Jackdaw"...
  2. bentwing60

    How to Set a Genoa Sail Car

    Yes, on the main 1st (lowest) set just above the first reef line, 2nd set about mid-sail and 3rd set a couple of panels below the head.
  3. bentwing60

    How to Set a Genoa Sail Car

    Thanks "Apex", and yes, I have tattletales on the "luff" of both the jib and the main. I don't pay that much attention to the leech tattletales on the main anymore as I have gotten old and lazy and if the "belly" of the sail is working the leech will generally fall in step. Put a set of...
  4. bentwing60

    How to Set a Genoa Sail Car

    Actually, throw anything you want off the boat, It gets lighter. And if you throw it off the bow, will the GPS show it.
  5. bentwing60

    How to Set a Genoa Sail Car

    Been following this thread since its inception with some amusement and incredulity. Clearly, the bar fight over how a sail provides thrust, (that is what makes one move, is it not) will not be settled here. Crawled out of my office the other day after flying it back from SNA to Dallas at 45,000...
  6. bentwing60

    Where does the Anti-freeze go?

    Rick, if it does it every year, consider it reliable. Put some more in it and enjoy the season. That's why you check and consider it an opportunity to be right every once in a while.
  7. bentwing60

    The 800 Pound Gorilla .....

    Same, same Dometic and all of their captives. Painful to deal with and to watch.
  8. bentwing60

    Proper way to tow the sailboat?

    I would not tow a sailboat by the mast! Especially a deck stepped mast, as it was designed for compression loads, not shear. I have towed, but not been towed, and rigged a bridle off the bow cleats, which are designed for shear loads.
  9. bentwing60

    Horizon express motor

    I suspect the part # has been superceded by a later one. Only way to know is call and ask.
  10. bentwing60

    GPSMAP 78s

    Re: Hay Bentwing60 No, the Red is non-navigable below Texoma. Gotta use a hauler.
  11. bentwing60

    GPSMAP 78s

    Re: Hay Bentwing60 Hey Rag Baagger' No, the
  12. bentwing60

    GPSMAP 78s

  13. bentwing60

    It's really not free

    This the AviatiorJames of FA fame? Anyway, kinda reminds me of the old boater adage, "Two best days in a boaters life, the day someone gave him a boat, and the day he gave it away" or something like that.
  14. bentwing60

    Noisy wheel-drive autopilot

    Can you say made in china.
  15. bentwing60

    Noisy wheel-drive autopilot

    Re: That is the belt/clutch adjustment Since Raymarine won't answer my question, I guess Vegas did . Will a grey drive unit work with an ST4000+ unit with the rru. is the electrical connection the same?
  16. bentwing60

    Rig Balance

    You missed the question. By raking the mast, did I make it more tender or less. I could go back and make it plumb as Catalina designed it or, as I suspect I will do, it ain't broke so I won't fix it. Sometimes racer, mostly beer drinking sailor.
  17. bentwing60

    Rig Balance

    Roger, Not to question the naval architect, but here goes. Aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of wing (keel) length vs. chord, so a higher aspect ratio keel would be a deep skinny one and a lower aspect ratio keel would be a shallow wide one. So when I read this post I said to myself, self...
  18. bentwing60

    Diesel advice needed

    Check-change the air filter anyway, Higgs. Got a 99 C-320 with a 3GM30F and the wire backed foam filters go south about every 4 years or so. Supposed to be checked and re oiled yearly, but most don't RTFB so the foam dries out and crumbles and is eaten by, you guessed it, the engine. Mixing...
  19. bentwing60

    Rig Balance

    My usual suggestion to the novice sailor is "reef early, reef often". It might save your bacon, your boat, or your pride.
  20. bentwing60

    Heeling Explained

    Don, the concession thing to the cannons comment was in no way meant as a slur. The truth is that the boats talk to all of us, only some have deaf feet!