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  1. pateco

    First Beer-can race of the summer.

    We got out for our first Beer-can Race of the summer season last night. Lots of fun.
  2. pateco

    Icebox Hatch Frame 1983 H31

    So my 1983 H31 has had a small leak dripping on the countertop for quite a while. Since we never use the Icebox, I had not noticed, that it had been soaking into the frame rail for the icebox hatch. Well this weekend, the hatch fell in. LOL The hatch was corner nailed, and stapled at the top...
  3. pateco

    Your favorite weather website?

    The page I have been using for the last couple of hurricane seasons is Mike's Weather Page What other good weather websites do you use? ps: I like the new Sub Forum
  4. pateco

    These chairs might be cool for the boat.

    Their super small and light, easy to stow aboard, and take on the dinghy, and would give me comfortable beach or dock seating while cruising. GO CHAIR: The Bottle Sized Portable Chair
  5. pateco

    Line and Bumper/Fender Storage?

    I was reading another thread on the H34 What's under H34 Starboard Cockpit Locker Shelf?, and it got me to thinking. Currently on my H31, my spare lines are in the quarter berth hanging locker, and bumpers/fenders are in the port side of the stern lazarette. Where do you guys store your spare...
  6. pateco

    Anyone tried the cheap Chinese Wind Tubines?

    I saw this online, and it got me thinking. 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator with 20A Charger Controller $120 Anyone have any experience with these?
  7. pateco

    Can't post in Owners Mods

    I wanted to add a project in Owners Mod's, but when I go to submit an article, it says I need to log in. However as you can see in the picture below, I am logged in, and when I hit the "must_login" link it confirms that I am logged in and can only Log out.
  8. pateco

    Repairing Aluminum winch drums?

    OK, so the Stargazer still has her original Barlow 2 speed winches from 1983. I have been saving up to replace them with self tailers, but other projects keep sucking up the boat bucks. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a small crack in the top of the port winch's drum. I couldnt see much as they...
  9. pateco

    Is this still sailing?

    I found this review of a new cat on YouTube. This looks too easy. Electric winches, computerized sail control. All from inside the air conditioned salon. Completely redefines solo sailing.
  10. pateco

    This would be cool for those with larger boats.

    This popped up as an ad an a website I was visiting. I had to take a look at it. Electric Mooring Cleat.
  11. pateco

    Photos too large?

    As of this morning I am getting an error message trying to upload photos saying file is too large for the server to upload. These pictures are the same size that I upload regularly. Has something been changed? what is the new max file size?
  12. pateco

    Moving boat to new slip. Dockline Questions.

    After three years at my current dock, I am moving my boat to a new slip. Currently I am side docking to a dock behind a residence. The Stargazer is the sailboat on the left with the blue bimini. I have two mooring whips, bow, stern, and two spring lines. My new dock is a a slip with two...
  13. pateco

    Black Smoke?

    Yesterday on our way out to our weekend races, My 1983 Yanmar 2GM dropped down from 3000 RPMs to 2000 without me adjusting the throttle, and began to produce lots of black smoke. We were almost out to the race course, so I hoisted sail, killed the engine and determined to investigate more when...
  14. pateco

    Need a new VHF Antenna.

    So I sent my son up the mast yesterday to do some work on the masthead light and halyard car for my furler. I had him take some picture while up there, and noticed that my VHF antenna has disintegrated. All of the labels have pealed off, but from his photo it looks like one of the Shakespeare's...
  15. pateco

    Yanmar engine anodes Hunter31

    How do other Hunter 31 owners access the engine pencil anodes for replacement? I have a raw water cooled 2gm in my 1983 H31, and I can't seem to find a tool or method that will let me remove and replace the two anodes. Both are blocked by cabinetry. One by the sink cabinet on the starboard side...
  16. pateco

    Bad weekend for Sails.

    So, we had a race yesterday that turned into a visit from Demon Murphy. On our way out to the start, my mainsail blew out a horizontal seam between the 1st and 2nd reef points. We considered bailing on the race, but it was a gorgeous day, so we reefed to the second reef point and entered...
  17. pateco

    Strictly Sail Miami Feb 15-19, 2018

    Is anyone going to the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show? We are going on Saturday to explore all of the cats, and would love to have a meet up.
  18. pateco

    Traveler Repair/Upgrade ?

    I have a leak in my cabin top which is going to require me to remove and re-bed the entire bridge section above my companionway hatch. As part of that process I will need to remove my Traveler. I have been having issues with the traveler due to its age, and some modifications that were made by...
  19. pateco

    SmartPlug question

    My boat side 30amp plug on my shore power cable is showing some heat damage. Rather than just replace it I am considering switching to the Smart Plug system. It is available in plastic or Stainless steel. For those of you that have made the switch, are there any benefits or disadvantages to one...
  20. pateco

    Post a picture of your club burgee

    In another thread someone was trying to identify a burgee they found on their boat. That got me to wondering, so post a picture of your club burgee so we can see how many clubs are represented here. Here is mine.