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    Compass Heeling over 90 degrees

    What would cause the compass on my 1978 Catalina 27 to just flop over 90 degrees? We left one weekend and the next weekend we came back and it had done the Costa Condordia thing and is now still floating but at 90 degrees to the level of the fluid. No leaks. Bobs around in the fluid just great...
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    Catalina 27 Fuel Gage

    Hello Problem Solvers, I have a 1978 Catalina 27 with an inoperable fuel gage. (At least I THINK it's inoperable...the tank has fuel in it...sounds full via a tap test) but the gage reads empty. I removed the top of the gage and found a small bulb that rests against what appears to be a plastic...
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    Old Perko Brass Light

    Hi, I recently bought a 1978 Catalina 27 in awesome shape that came with a Perko Brass lamp. Does anybody have a recommendation as to what type of fuel to burn in it? Thanks for any info.