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    Rolling Fuller Issue

    Thanks Dave, looks like someone had the same issue, cheers!
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    Rolling Fuller Issue

    You guys are great, yup, that part is missing! Problem and solution identified! Will get er' done! Thanks everyone for your responses and solutions!
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    Rolling Fuller Issue

    This year I continuously an experiencing drum line wrap when I deploy my Jib. I kept tension on the line and check the feed alignment. The metal case turns with the unit. I can prevent it by tie wrapping it so it don’t turn but I would like to know what the correct and permanent fix is...
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    Request pedestal information on the Hunter 30 Cherubini

    Can someone tell me who made or what type the Pedestal is on the 1978 Hunter Cherubini? I would like to replace the rails to accommodate wiring for electronics. Also, has anyone had to replace the original Ritchie SNF-44 compass and if so what did you install that fit without modification...