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    Florida Folk's Registration Question

    I have two boats, a dinghy with a small outboard, a boat trailer and two cars, they all expire on the same day (we should have put my wife's name first on some of them) but on the bright side the cost for all the registrations is less than one car cost me to register in my former home state...
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    Swapping fin keel for wing keel....????

    Before I moved from California to Florida I had it done on my 28MKII. It was done by a yard in Oxnard California, they unbolted the old keel and installed the new one, no damage was done to the boat bottom. I don't remember the cost as I had it done in 2005 they did give me credit for the lead...
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    Toilet attachment Base is going powdery / flakey

    Good information!! I'll check the vent this afternoon as I obviously need to remedy this issue before I take out the toilet.
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    Toilet attachment Base is going powdery / flakey

    Thank you for the information. While I'm taking it out I may as well install a new Raritan PH Super Flush as I am getting some drain back from the holding tank and as Peggy said I need a new pump.
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    Toilet attachment Base is going powdery / flakey

    I have a 2004 Beneteau 311. The toilet attachment base (I'm not really sure what the proper term is so I've attached a photo) is going powdery and probably should be replaced; (I guess?). It's bolted to the somewhat raised head floor there is no access that I can see to get to the underside of...
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    Hurricane Pirating and Freebies

    I think you're talking about hurricane Charlie in 2004. That crossed Sanibel Captiva and then made a (2nd) landfall in Punta Gorda. Ft Myers was affected but not to the extant of the barrier island and Punta Gorda. Two years ago Irma passed to the east of Fort Myers, I wouldn't say Fort...
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    Specific Question - Standard Horizon Chartplotter/VHF

    Sorry I don't have the exact same Standard Horizon models as you do, but I have both a Standard Horizon Chart Plotter and a Standard Horizon radio, when I have had trouble with them I called their technical support they are very helpful and also KNOWLEDGEABLE and don't seem to swamped like...
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    Isotherm self pumping refrigerators

    On my previous boat I installed a holding plate Isotherm refrigerator in the ice box. It was not the water cooled one. But as far as the brand Isotherm is concerned I have nothing but good things to say about them. The electricity use was excellent and I never had a moments problem with the...
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    Yanmar 2GM20F hard to start.

    Have you checked the part of the wiring harness that goes from/to the starter button and the starter motor. Those harnesses are notorious for causing hard starting once they get 10 years old or so (cheap wires and too many connections).
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    Wow, a mysterious beauty

    I lived in Newport Beach for many years; The burgee (picture on the side of the boat) with an N on it is the burgee for Newport Harbor Yacht Club. No idea about the one with C on it
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    Lightning Strike

    Twice, the first time was a direct hit, I watched it out of my living room window (we keep the boat in a canal behind the house). Saw it hit the top of the mast and everything up there glowed and flew off into the water, then we heard an extremely long bang and the entire house shook. It...
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    Help with dock information

    The west coast of Florida take in a lot of area. Where are you looking. I live in Ft Myers Beach and lived for a few years in Punta Gorda Isles, perhaps if you you narrow the area down somewhat I maybe able to answer some of your questions.
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    Fort Myers Florida sailors....

    I live in Ft Myers Beach, why don't you send me a private message and I can give you some specific information.
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    Seaman's Manslaughter - Fascinating Indeed

    I've been an attorney for just over 30 years. All crimes not just murder require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, civil issues generally use the preponderance of the evidence standard. There are different elements that need to be proved for murder than for manslaughter most notably (not...
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    Shipping 32-36 boats across US

    Several few years ago I shipped a boat from So. Cal to Florida(about 2500 road miles) the cost was in the multiple thousands. Most recently I bought my current boat in Pensacola FL. (about 625 road miles), this time I used a delivery skipper as it was more economical and a lot of the trucking...
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    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

    I have a twin rudder boat, a Bene 311 with a keel centerboard setup. Don't worry too much about the no prop wash on the rudder(s) in reverse, you will get used to it. Once I got accustomed to it, I can handle it the just like I did my old single rudder boat (forward and reverse). I have 2...
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    Diesel Fuel

    The fuel at a fuel dock is dyed pink as it's for off road use and therefor no road tax has been paid. It's dyed it so they (the government) can inspect truckers' fuel tanks to make sure they are not avoiding tax. Some marine fuel dock have additives in their fuel to compensate for the ultra...
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    Need info on Beneteau

    I've had a Catalina and I now have a Beneteau. Without addressing the specifics of a particular model I would say all things considered the brands are pretty equal. There are differences in design and finish work etc. the one thing I did prefer about the Catalina was the lead keel whereas my...
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    Liability Issue

    Not sure I understand your question. A boat coming loose from a mooring is not an act of god and neither is a boat crashing into yours an act of god. The classic example of an act of god is a volcano. If the act of god causes something to break loose and that something causes you harm that...
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    Liability Issue

    I like to read threads such as this, as I am an attorney and I hate to see so much misinformation being thrown around. First off almost all liability issues are governed by state law, that law that varies from state, there are basic legal principles but even these can be affected by the...