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    Toilet attachment Base is going powdery / flakey

    I have a 2004 Beneteau 311. The toilet attachment base (I'm not really sure what the proper term is so I've attached a photo) is going powdery and probably should be replaced; (I guess?). It's bolted to the somewhat raised head floor there is no access that I can see to get to the underside of...
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    Alternator seems not to be charging

    I have a Yanmar 2GM 20 in my 2004 Beneteau. For a while I had been suffering from the dreaded push the start button and nothing happens syndrome. I read all the threads and I have the service manual with the wiring diagram. The wiring diagram show no connections after the 30 amp fuse at the...
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    Question about Battery Combiner

    I have a Beneteau which came from the factory with those battery disconnect switches one for each bank. There are two banks, one bank is a single battery and is connected solely for engine start. The other is a 2 battery bank connected to the panel for the house loads. There is a Xantrac 3...
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    Lazy Bag / Stack Pack

    The stitching of the lazy bag / stack pack on my boat is coming a part. It all needs re-stitching and new zippers. Neither my wife nor I sew. I am pretty well sold on the system; I put a stack pack in place of a dutchman on my last boat. Wondering if it's better to have it repaired or get...
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    Insurance Claim

    I posted this in an older thread however the title of that thread has one believe it is more of an electrical instead of of the posters dissatisfaction with an insurance claim. I also am not happy with the way my claim is being handled so I'm posting my comments here as well. Insurance is one...
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    Instrument Reccomendations

    My boat was hit by a direct lightning strike, needless to say some of my electronics are toast. It had RayMarine ST40 on it (Wind and a Bidata). I never liked the ST40 Wind as it and the new i40 uses the Rotovecta wind transducer which is about as accurate as a stopped clock (twice a day). On...
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    Securing Swim Ladder

    The swim ladder on our new to us 311 is held in the up position by a ratty old sticky bungee cord. Before I get a new bungee I was wondering if there is a clip or a catch that is missing? Or is there a better way to hold the ladder in the up position?
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    Broken crankshaft

    I just recently bought a new to me boat. The boat has/had a 2GM20 Yanmar with 190 hours. On the way to my home the engine started making a loud noise and was immediately shut down. The boat was towed to a marina. A day of so before failure the previously correctly installed alternator had...
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    Failure to Burp a Volvo drip less packing gland

    Does anyone know what could happen if a boat was hauled and then put back in the water without burping a Volvo Dripless packing gland? I ask as I just bought a boat with this type of gland it was not burped after being put back in the water after the survey. The boat has since been motored...
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    New 311 owner Lead Ingots ??

    Just bought a 2004 311 swing keel. The boat is a long way from me and I hired a delivery skipper. He called me and said he had found numerous lead ingots located on one side of the boat. He removed them as the delivery will be offshore and he didn't want them flying around in case of a knock...
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    Just bought a 311, Chartplotter Questions

    I just bought a 2004 311. The previous owner did not have a GPS or a chart-plotter. I'm looking to learn where and how (what kind of mount) you installed one. Also in what size you think is sufficient for day sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. In my prior boat I had a Standard Horizon 5".
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    Feeling / Kirie Boats

    My house is located on shallow water and I really would be most comfortable with a boat that draws about 3' 2" or less. I thought I had settled on a Beneteau 311 with the centerboard option. yesterday I found out about a Feeling 32 with a centerboard option. Anyone know about the Feeling...
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    Rust on Keel

    I looked at a used 311 yesterday. There was rust and "bubbling" on the keel. Since my prior boat had a lead keel I'm not familiar with this problem. What is involved in fixing this problem?
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    311 Swing Keel

    We moved to a house that is on shallow water and had to sell our boat. I think a 311 swing keel would be perfect for us. I have two questions for owners How do they sail? and the used ones we have seen seem over priced does anyone know what the extra cost was over the standard keel. Thank You