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  1. destiny12

    Hunter Legend 37.5 Head set up

    Hi all, i just did a refit of the boat in Phuket and am trying to figure out how the discharge system works for the toilet. it appear the Y valve is seized and i am not sure how exactly is the way is is set up. will really appreciate if anyone can send me a sketch of how the discharge is set up...
  2. destiny12

    Wheel Pilot not responsive enough , requires modification

    Dear All, My boat is a Hunter Legend 37.5 and i have installed a wheel pilot from Raymarine. Its nearly the maximum displacement allowed for the wheel pilot and at wind speeds up to 20knots and swells, or going downwind , the autopilot struggles. as i eventually intend to start cruising, i...
  3. destiny12

    Fixed Dodger for Hunter Legend 37.5 1995

    Dear Guys and Gals, I have a 37.5 Legend in Malaysia and am looking to install a permenant dodger and will like some advise on how to do this as its quite hard looking at the position of the traveller etc. Can someone who has done this kindly advise how to do, share some pictures if you have...
  4. destiny12

    How much movement should be on PSS seal

    Hi all, i had replaced the old shaft seal with a PSS unit, but noticed a lot of movement on the seal. how much is allowed pls email me directly as the video is too large to upload. my boat is the hunter legend 37.5 and is in phuket. my email is rgds fabian
  5. destiny12

    Leak from the aft of boat

    HI All, I am having my boat in Phuket , a hunter legend 37.5 with extensive refit in Phuket. All sea cocks were changed, along with through hulls, P bracket and cutless bearing, and also installed a PSS seal. The rudder was also dropped and the bottom seal changed, top or upper one was ok. First...