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    H260 Battery "mount"

    Does anyone know where to find replacement brackets for the strap that holds the battery in place? There are two, black, plastic "strap retainers" on the aft, starboard side compartment. One broke and I can't seem to locate a replacement one on here.
  2. J

    Troubleshooting Nav Lights

    So my navigation lights keep throwing the breaker when I turn them on. I've swapped breakers with the same result so it does not appear to be a weak breaker. I removed both light bulbs and it still threw it. After check resistance from the power side of the switch to the ground terminal...
  3. J

    Happy to have a Hunter

    So I thought I'd share this experience, not to really bash other boats but to give the first hand account as to dealing with another boat. I recently assisted a friend in retrieving his Catalina 250WK a couple of weeks ago from the FL coast. He decided that, after just purchasing and moving...
  4. J

    Trailer Lights

    So we've had our H260 now for 4 years and love the boat. I absolutely hate the trailer. I spend more time working on it than the boat. I suppose that is a good thing though, but still frustrating. The issue is the trailer lights. They always seem to be inoperative. This year, started to...
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    Surge brakes and trailer extensions

    So I replaced the old surge actuator and drum brakes on the Majic Tilt that came with my H260 at the end of last year with a Titan surge and disc brake kit. My brakes were working fine on a trip to FL but seemed to stop working after the 2nd or third day there. I did note some slight drips at...