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    Magnum Energy Remote Control Setup

    I have recently replaced the remote control on my electrical system with a new Magnum Energy ME-ARC and have a couple of setup queries. I have a 600AH battery bank using AGM batteries (3 x 200AH). In the setup for the battery monitor (BMK), at menu item 05B AmpHour Size, I have specified 600 AH...
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    45CC aft head trickle

    The aft head on Bogart has developed a trickle, in that there is a very small flow while the water pump is on and then the pump kicks in to take up the pressure every 30 seconds or so. Is there a seal/valve at the back of the toilet bowl which is likely to have opened up, or is there a...
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    Convection/grill/microwave oven access and perhaps replacement

    We have a 2007 45CC with a Tappan TC1450SB oven. The microwave function of the oven seems to have failed, in that trying to operate it shuts off the circuit switch on the shore power panel. There is a cover panel holding the oven in place, with a catch/latch of some sort which you can see on...