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  1. weekendrken

    Documentation placard ad

    I noticed this being advertised.... don’t fall for the hype. FYOwners, this is bull$h!t. Don't fall for it. The official # DOES NOT need to be displayed in the cabin as the ad implies. It DOES NOT need to be ”CLEARLY” Visible to everyone. It needs to be visible w/o removing a structural...
  2. weekendrken

    International Catalina 30 Assn

    Owners, In case you haven’t been aware of the changes lately the official IC30A discussion forum is up and running at There’s a great resource of more than 1600 members with gazillions of years collective experience that you can tap into. C’mon and give a test...
  3. weekendrken

    New International Catalina 30 Association Forum

    Hey C-30 sailors. C'mon over and join the discussions at the brand new C-30 Association forum at There's lotsa good information over there also, and a wealth of useful resource files. And join the IC30A and help support the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of C-30...
  4. weekendrken

    Hx zinc and bonding

    Hi RC, Interesting dilemma - to prevent wear on the Hx, many recommend putting thin rubber (bicycle tube) between the Hx and mount/clamps. But Seakamp warned - then it's not bonded to the engine. What's your take/recommendations, and it's not bonded will the anode protect the Hx? Ken K