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  1. Robr0924

    What is this?

    What is this? I think it's the release for the keel. The button is stuck, assuming it is a button.
  2. Robr0924

    Our free Catalina 22.

    we bought a Coronado 23, for $225. We have been getting her back in action, and have taken her out, 3 times now. Since we have been at marina so much, that the harbor master has gotten to know us. He said a guy was wanting to get rid of his cat22. So I gave him my business card. Long short...
  3. Robr0924

    Free Catalina 22 How to operate swing keel?

    A fellow boat owner at the marina we use for our coronado 23, has neglected his boat for Several years. Yesterday he gave it to us, just take over the slip monthly payment. So now we have two sailboats, Coronado 23 and a Catalina 22. What have we done. It is not in terrible condition mainly...
  4. Robr0924

    Coronado 23' 1971

    Recently purchased a Coronado 23' sailboat. It is good to fair condition, need to update the wiring and get the mast upright and working through the rigging bits and see what all needs to be replaced or repaired. Any info on the boat would be appreciated. thanks Rob