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  1. amcmahon

    1984 h27 Port Replacement

    I have just finished replacing the original Gray Industries plastic ports with New Found brass ports. I am offering the old ports, or parts there of, for free, plus shipping. The old ports are the standard 5 x 12 and 7 x 15 (4 of each) for the h27 and are in poor shape. Most have at least 1...
  2. amcmahon

    H27, Pulling mast - Drop roller furling first?

    Hey folks, I'm planning to pull the mast on my 1984 h27 to rewire and resolve compression post issues, but never having pulled the mast before, I'm not sure whether to pull the mast with the roller furling still attached, or to tie a line on the top of the roller furling and ease down before...
  3. amcmahon

    Bottom Paint Blues

    Hey, would like some feedback on bottom paint. Have had h27 '84 for 12 years, located on Cape Fear River about 25 miles from ocean, but still tidal and brackish. I have always pulled the boat every 3 years to do maintenance and bottom paint. Have used 2 coats of Interlux Ultra each time...
  4. amcmahon

    Chesapeake Currents

    Hey you Chessy sailors, I'll be heading north from NC thru the Chesapeake on my way to NJ/NY. My current plan has me leaving Hampton, VA on a date when the high tide is early morning. If I keep that schedule, I'll be heading into the outgoing current each day as I go North. How strong is the...
  5. amcmahon

    New leak source '84 h27

    For 10 years now, since purchasing Radiant Beam, I have been trying to eliminate water leaks, both salt and rain water. I've tightened toe rail and rail nuts, sealed the toe rail, replaced and resealed ports and hatches, replaced exhaust hoses and muffler, and just recently replaced packing for...
  6. amcmahon

    h27 steering maintenance

    OK, so yesterday I openned up the rudder packing gland and literally dug out the old packing and after careful cleaning, repacked with new flax. Will take out and test for leaks today, but no real problems. (Pic 2. shows packing gland that I had tried to seal temporarilly with silacone - not a...
  7. amcmahon

    h27 steering

    This winter, I plan to rebuild the rudder/steering assembly on my 1984 h27. One of the remaining questions is whether there is some kind of seal/bearing in the steering flanges. The pics below shows the parts. The first pic starts with the fiberglass hull/nipple and the 3" rubber hose (now 30...
  8. amcmahon

    h27 Rudder post Collar

    The collar/bushing located on the top of the rudder post and which is visable just below the helm seat (See Pic) on the h27 is badly cracked and starting to crumble. I talked with Edson Marine and learned it is made of Delrin and is not available from them. Does anyone know who might supply this...
  9. amcmahon

    First Crab Trap

    Well, after 9 years of sailing/motoring around eastern NC, My '84 h27 caught its 1st crab trap last night. Had decided to make a short run to downtown Wilmington for dinner, was only a few hundred feet short of the city docks when suddenly the engine jerked to a stop and out of the corner of my...
  10. amcmahon

    New Sail - h27

    Hey, just got a used mail in 'excellent' shape from Bacon Sails in Annapolis for my 1984 h27. The new (to me) sail is heavier (6 oz. vs 5 oz. original) made by Shore Sail and is fully battened. The foot is 1 inch shorter than original but the luff is almost 18 inches shorter (29 ft vs. 30'6"...
  11. amcmahon

    1984 h27 Masthead light bulb size

    Several months ago I asked if anyone knew the size/model of the masthead light bulb for the h27. No one knew and someone suggested I report the size if/when I found. After a long summer with no anchor light, I finally paid a marina hand to climb the mast and replace. Originally I had planned to...
  12. amcmahon

    Moonlight Sailing

    Last year, one of the Sail Magazine editors listed 10 things we should do before winterizing our sailboats. One of them was to go sailing at night under a full moon. Well this September, I finally made it. Went sailing on the Neuse River in NC under a full moon and it was GREAT. Winds were...
  13. amcmahon

    Msst Light Bulb

    Does anyone know the bulb type/model # used by hunter for the masthead anchor light of the 1984 h27? Finally burnd out after 27 years. Pic shows general light shape.
  14. amcmahon

    Hourmeter for Yanmar 2YM15

    Can anyone help me to install a new hour meter for a 2YM15 Yanmar ('84 h27)? The original is an LED and is integral to the Tack/Control panel. The wiring diagram in the owners manual is not much help and Yanmar wants $1500 for a new Control Panel. I bought a new meter for > $10 online but not...
  15. amcmahon

    Proper proceedure for checking prop shaft drip rate

    Could someone please tell me the proper way to check prop shaft packing drip rate. I have a 1984 h27 with a 4 year old Yanmar 2YM15. I have been told the drip rate should be 5-10 per minute, does that sound right ? - is that checked with engine off, at idle, or at some specified RPM? Thanks
  16. amcmahon

    Surprising Leak source H27 '84

    Ever since I purchased my 1984 h27 six years ago I have experienced more water accumulating in the bilge that expected. It is sometimes difficult to judge since melting ice from the ice box discharges to the bilge. I had always assumed that the source of the water was too much drip from the prop...
  17. amcmahon

    Hunter Cust Serv - h27 steering

    I thought I would share with you all a brief exchange I just had with Hunter Customer Service. This is the first time I have contacted Hunter CS and remember this was a Sunday evening. From: Tony McMahon [] Sent: Sun 3/28/2010 7:13 PM To: Eddie Breeden Subject: 1984...
  18. amcmahon

    Anchor Light Bulb size '84 H27

    Can anyone tell me the anchor light bulb size or i.d. for my 1984 h27? I'm planning to pay a marina monkey to be hoised up to replace it with an LED and at $75/hr I'd like to have the new bulb on-hand for a quick change. A pic of the mast head is below showing fixture. While the tech is up...
  19. amcmahon

    H-27 (1984) thru hulls

    Hello Everyone, This fall, I'm planning to pull my 1984 H-27 to paint the bottom and I'm planning to replace all 4 thru hull fittings and valves. The two for the toilette and the one for the kitchen sink seem straight foreward. The forth provides cooling water to the engine and this one may be a...
  20. amcmahon

    Swimming with friends

    In a previous thread (1 gm heating) I mentoned that I had gone in the water to clean the coolant water intake. While I was in the water I also scrapped the prop and rudder. On the deck, while showering after my hard work, I noticed I had a friend in the water with me (see photo). In water...