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    Has anyone tried Barnacle Buster to clean out the heat exchanger? Thanks in advance, Tom
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    Checking for drain plug and or rusty oil pan.

    Anyone know of an easy way to see if drain plug is missing or if I have a rusty oil pan. Would rather not have to remove engine if possible. I do have a serious oil leak somewhere and all the oil drained into the bilge. Thanks in advance. TW
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    Leaking oil

    Somehow oil from engine is leaking into the bilge. What to check first? Thanks
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    Traveler pully replacement

    I have an 86 Catalina 30 and the two pulleys on each side need replacing. They are held in place with rivets instead of screws. Do I have to drill out the rivets or are there screws at the bottom? Thanks in advance, Tom
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    Bottom paint

    Looking for suggestions on brand/type of bottom paint for Catalins 30. Will one gallon be enough. I’m located in the Seattle area. Thank, Tom