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  1. David11038

    Deck organizer/turning blocks on 322

    Looking to run lines for my Cunningham and out haul back to the cockpit. I have this current two block deck organizer on the port side, would like to make it a four block like on the starboard side. Ideally, I’d use the same manufacture but can’t see who this is. Anyone know the name?
  2. David11038

    Oday 322 genoa track blocks

    Looking to replace my genoa track blocks on my 322. Any idea for sources?
  3. David11038

    Starter Switch

    I have an O'day 322. The 2gm20f starts and runs great (knocks on wood). The only problem is that the key cylinder is worn out such that I have to jiggle it sometimes to get it to turn. Once it is turned, I push the starter button and everything is great. I am looking to buy a new starter switch...
  4. David11038

    Yammer 2GM20f fuel leak

    On my Oday 322, I found fuel leaking into the bilge, it appears to be the fuel lift pump gasket where the pump attaches to the engine. Problem is how to get at it to replace the gasket. I was able to get a wrench on one of the bolts, but there is only room to move the wrench about a quarter of...
  5. David11038

    Ice box drain pump

    On my 322, I have an ice box drain pump that leaks at the base. I have tried to take it apart but can't find the source of the leak. Has anyone worked on this?
  6. David11038

    Oday 322 mast wiring

    As soon as it is warm enough, I will be running new wiring for a wind transducer on my Oday 322 - I may also go ahead and rewire the masthead lighting at the same time. My question to other 322 owners is where is the wiring conduit in the cabin? I have only worked on keel stepped masts before...
  7. David11038

    stress cracks

    Sailed my 170 today in windy conditions (about 18-20) and had some problems furling the jib when overpowered (main was reefed). Got back safely, but when putting the boat away, I noticed some cracks at the base of both the port and starboard cam cleat (pics to follow). Has anyone else had...
  8. David11038

    What's happening?

    I am not sure what is happening. The new hunterowners website is more user friendly than ever, but it looks like the number of 146/170 posts has gone down a lot this year? Where are all the new folks asking about the boat? Also there have not been any boat reviews added in the past year or...
  9. David11038


    Attached is a website with some well-written and photographed "cruises" made by some people in their Wayfarer (similar to a CL-16) which is close in size and weight to my H170. The photo essays are inspirational and I wondered if anyone has tried some extended trips on their smaller Hunters...
  10. David11038

    sailing podcasts

    Those of us who live in colder climates up north need various ways to get our sailing fix in the off season. Reading and this website are great for that. I have also recently stumbled upon sailing podcasts as another great way to get me through the winter months, as I drive to and from work...
  11. David11038


    I am looking to pick up a motor for my 170 which I have had for a year. I agree with some previous posts that the 170 doesn't need much wind to sail in, but a motor would be nice for coming and going from my dock. Since I will be using it for only a couple of minutes at a time, the...
  12. David11038

    centerboard binding - follow up again

    Previously, I wrote about my experience with my CB binding and was told by Hunter that it may be due to water getting into the CB through a crack and they sent me a "new, improved" version that will not swell even if water gets in. I rec'd the new one but when I unwrapped it, I found it covered...
  13. David11038

    centerboard binding - follow up

    I wanted to follow up on my previous post about my 170 CB binding. I contacted Hunter and Lind in customer service was very helpful. As I understand it, a small percentage of the newer 170 CB's have a swelling (delaminating?) problem. Lind shipped one of the redesigned CB's to me within a...
  14. David11038

    single handed

    This has been a great first year with my new boat, as I have gained confidence sailing it in a variety of conditions. I am interested in hearing from some of you who single hand the 170, as it can be hard to stir up crew to join me somedays. My ideal is to get out for an hour or two a day...
  15. David11038

    First sail

    Finally, got the boat in the water for the first time since purchase last Oct! The weather was kind enough to offer a variety of conditions for the 3 times I got it out over the weekend – ranging from barely a whisper to 15+ knots. Still working on getting a good feel for it (and working on...
  16. David11038

    standing rigging

    I will be putting my new 170 in the water in a few weeks. A question to all of you more seasoned daysailors out there. Should I just go with the way the shrouds were tensioned at the marina or should I do some adjustments? How do I know if they are tensioned correctly? I imagine that with...
  17. David11038

    process or result

    In the 5 or so years I have been into sailing, I have noticed there are two types of sailors, those who love to fiddle, fuss and tweak, and those (like me) who like to 'set and forget'. This seems to be a difference between those who like the process of fiddling and those who make adjustments...
  18. David11038

    Topping lift

    There is an ad for a boom kicker in today's email. Question I have for all of you more experienced than I (as I have yet to sail my 170 and have never sailed a boat with a topping lift) - what are your opinions on topping lifts? What do you like about them? Disadvantages? To those of you who...
  19. David11038

    winter cover

    As a new owner of a 170, I wasn't sure how to cover it for the Michigan winter. I had read that I should avoid a dark tarp, which I did. I drapped the tarps over the mast which was horizontal on the crutches provided with the trailer, then loosely tied the tarp along the bottom of the boat (as...