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  1. sailhard

    Let's say you sold your boat to one of your good friends.............

    Kudos to you giving your friend a break, Dick move on your friends part overall. I suspect his wife is behind it. ;)
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  6. boatie power

    boatie power

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  8. sailhard

    Who sailed today?

    Hey Justsomeguy, What is the story with the asym spinnaker in your avatar? I bought a VERY similar one for my M19 ( different colors) on craigslist but the owner didn't know the manufacturer...any info would be appreciated. (Didn't sail today but windsurfing is a possibility.)
  9. sailhard

    Show us your spinnaker!

    Spinny! Found this little gem on craigslist. Makes light air sailing fun!
  10. sailhard

    Turbo Mac 19

    Yeah that's the most overdone m19 in history. Highlander had some great mod ideas though. He used to be in my M19 yahoo group. He ran a 50 HP 4 stroke ( at least 20 mph with empty ballast) with a jackplate and wheel steering from a M26. Also a bigger 3 section mast....quite the birdcage...
  11. sailhard

    Wheel Conversion

    Mini Mac19 ModZ is Modz...Do what you want, find out the hard way! Mac 26 steering wheel on Mac 19...also bow sprite and cutter rig....
  12. sailhard

    I hope all you NE folks fared well

    Sandy managed a few good punches here in Salem MA.:cry: Glad I was on the hard 2 weeeks ago.