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  1. kloudie1

    What the heck is: Loran 797

    @Pirate Dave; When I bought my boat back in '91, There was an RDF manual plotter aboard. The boat had been trucked from Redondo Beach (Cal) to Houston/Clear Lake. I asked the PO about the plotter, and he told me that on the west coast, it worked well... but he admitted that in the channels...
  2. kloudie1

    h34 hose ties

    Indeed.. I haven't changed the old hose yet. In the 29 years that I've owned the boat I have had only one jam in the check valve. That was caused by the boat electrician (me, big dummy) dropping a piece of wire insulation in the bilge and not recovering it until I pulled it from the check valve...
  3. kloudie1

    What the heck is: Loran 797

    Was magic back in the day.. Gave lat/long, course made good, speed over ground and had waypoint capability.. Much easier/faster/more accurate than sextant.. Now that they've turned off the US system, pretty much a non workable museum piece.
  4. kloudie1

    SB8 transmission emulsified oil

    mayonnaise.. It is not water cooled nor or there water connections on the gearbox. Water must have been at or a little above the shaft and it leaked in through the shaft seal. Ya probably OK if ya do a couple of changes but feel/look for a low point drain so you can drain the sump .. If you...
  5. kloudie1

    wiring shoe power connector

    30 ampere . Most marinas are that way and if ya go cruising , most transient slips will be 30 amp.
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    Stop rebuilding my Universal m25XP or keep going?

    The mechanic probably thought the engine was done because of the stuck open valve from the screen. The bores/liners look fine. I would think that the bottom end is fine too.. while ya have the head off, inspect the heads and combustion chambers, re-seat the valves. Clean and smooth the whitish...
  7. kloudie1

    Can someone please help figure out what I have for genoas?

    I think a loft's advice is in order as well. If you aren't going to do racing, consider a sail with a higher cut clew so that you can easily see, especially if you sail in a higher traffic area.. A little overlap is fine to make up some for the high clew.. The 34 can be a little tender, so a...
  8. kloudie1

    Banjo bolts

    Ken, ya might be able to get some from a local motorcycle/scooter shop as well..
  9. kloudie1

    Feed water pump

    The March should work OK but it is its kinda lowest stable flow regime. You can see from the attached flow curve that at around 2.3 GPM, it is backed up pretty far up the curve, making about 8 PSI. A test is probably in order.. The additional differential pressure should increase the flow...
  10. kloudie1

    Corona Virus: A Time to Reflect - Worst Vehicle You’ve Ever Owned

    '74 Saab 99 .. Lemon law got most of my money back after a couple of years.. Followed closely by '87 Ford Taurus.. Some will understand how damning that is because they were worse than the 2 MG's, An old Jag, two Fiats, and an Alfa Romeo GTV.
  11. kloudie1

    It's A Little Warm Here Today

    Well, the good thing is that it is only for one day.. it will soon be like that here in Baton Rouge almost every day!
  12. kloudie1

    Install New Cable In Mast

    Welcome aboard, Roger.. If you are lucky, there will be a messenger line .. but you probably will not be able to pull through without pulling the mast. In my boat, the antenna coax takes a hard turn to port side that would stop the pulling.. If the messenger exits at the base of the compression...
  13. kloudie1

    Boatyard shut down due to COVID

    Marina sent out a note that all "non-essential" businesses may be closed. We can still get in and sail, but their message was along the lines of: ...if this happens, we won't be able to check on your boats every day..
  14. kloudie1

    1990 Hunter 35.5 keel issue

    I think fairing coating that has been broken by water behind it freezing. As previously said, time to scrape the loose stuff off and be ready with a sealer and more fairing compound.
  15. kloudie1

    Fixed-blade Replacement For Martec Folder

    If the Martec is perfect, the fixed prop will be a smidge “over-propped”. The folders are a little less efficient than a typical fixed blade. May not be noticeable to the owner, depending on boat size/weight. The key would be knowing if the Martec’s pitch is close to ideal.
  16. kloudie1

    Yanmar 3gm piston liner R R scroll down almost to the end of chapter 6.. These are parts that may be able to be sourced from tractor pats places..
  17. kloudie1

    Hull crack and oil canning

    Can be repaired pretty easily if the hull isn't cored. (I don't remember that the C 22 is cored, I think not) Key is going to be getting the pressure off the bunk and getting the "oil canned" area pushed back out .. The glass work can be done from the outside if the boat is moved so that the...
  18. kloudie1

    Cockpit table receptacle

    Take it out, bevel the back side of the cracls about half way through.. fill with epoxy paste.. when set, wrap the outside (unseen tube part) with a couple of layers of fiberglass, saturate with epoxy.. bed back in with "Bed It" butyl.. ya done.. Have a beer..
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    Conduit for wiring?
  20. kloudie1

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    I hear what' cha saying, Will, but It seems to me that once the leg is not subject to electrolysis, the other materials could be chosen to be a lot closer together on the electrolysis index. Polymer propellers are getting more common, but in an isolated environment, a naval bronze prop on a...