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  1. EJWash

    Electrical Issues - Shocking!

    The boat: 1989 Catalina 30 MKII The issue: Shore power circuit breaker tripping Hi All, My boat is in a slip, with 120VAC shore power. The dock-mounted shore power receptacle is on a 30-amp circuit breaker. After more than three years of no issues since I’ve been in this particular slip, I...
  2. EJWash

    Sailboat Instruments

    At present, my 1989 Catalina 30 is equipped with a Signet SL80 (speed, depth, and temperature) and an Autohelm ST4000 autopilot. Wind data? Yup, I have a Windex! I bought the boat about a year ago, and this equipment appears to have served the boat for many years. I am looking to upgrade. The...
  3. EJWash

    V-Berth Bedding

    Hello All, I have an '89 Catalina 30. I spend a few nights a month onboard. I went back and forth, sleeping in the V-berth, and the aft berth before becoming more comfortable in the V-berth. I find the V-berth a lot easier to get in and out of, so I spend my nights there. My bedding is two...
  4. EJWash

    Spar Paint

    Hi All, The line on my Catalina 30's outhaul was well past it's retirement. It's internal to the boom, which meant that the gooseneck, and boom end ratings would have to be removed (SS self-tapping screws, solidly corroded in-place - another story). Now that the caps have been removed, I'll...
  5. EJWash

    Leather Wheel Cover

    Hi All, Wanting to install a leather wheel cover on my Catalina C-30 (28" helm). I'd like to hear some feedback on suede, and smooth leather covers. Thanks! EJ
  6. EJWash

    Running Rigging Replacement

    Hello All, New owner of a 1989 Catalina 30. The maintenance log is pretty skimpy, and does not note any renewing of the standing/running rigging. As far as the standing rigging, I relocated the boat, via road transport, to a new location. During re-comissioning, the boatyard mentioned that I...
  7. EJWash

    Which Anchor?

    Proud new owner of a 1989 Catalina 30. During survey, the Danforth anchor was found in the chain locker, rusting-away. I know I'm more than likely opening a can of worms, but should I just replace with another Danforth, or (fill in the blank with type - and why)? Thanks! EJ