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  1. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Man I sure was more optimistic a month ago, wasn't I? My how times have changed... I haven't heard officially from the marina yet on their plans for handling the season. Official open date is April 17th, but with all that's going on, it's hard to gauge what can happen between now and then. Oh...
  2. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Plans for 2020 are under way. The marina has been working on improvements for expected raised water levels, but also want to get boats in the water as soon as they can this year. That bodes well for me getting in a lot sooner than a lot later this time. Granted, I might be on a work trip to...
  3. CharlzO

    Is my 1981 Newport 28 mast grounded?

    Catching up on this, I'll have to do some more looking when I get back. My '75 definitely does have a grounding cable coming up out of the cabin top that screws into the mast on the side. I've never actually traced it back down through, to see where it goes, but I'll try to remember to take a...
  4. CharlzO

    Solar charging monitoring-we need advice

    To date, I've had no issues regarding Electronics on Amazon. If it's a 3rd party seller, perhaps worth being a little more thorough on the reviews and questions posted, but I've purchased panels, controllers, displays, cameras (both DSLR and action cameras). To date, no issues with any...
  5. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Mast is finally up again, thankfully. I hoisted the little spinnaker I found, while at the dock. Definitely small-ish, and much easier to use without the chute thing it's bundled in. More trouble than it's worth for that thing, though the theory is nice. Perhaps it's just worn out, but either...
  6. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Finally! well, halfway. Was finally able to launch yesterday, though the wind was gusting too much to step the mast. But at least we're floating, and no leaks that I can see. It did take me a while to get the outboard started, yet again. I found one possible common issue - Every time the motor...
  7. CharlzO

    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin

    I kept my first boat for three years. It was enough to get me back into the swing of things, learn more and then I passed it along and upgraded by a couple feet to a larger cabin, double the displacement, and more projects. I'm on my second year with this one, which should last me through next...
  8. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Scheduled to launch this week sometime. Not sure yet if they'll be able to get me in mid-week or if they'll wait until I'm up there this upcoming weekend. Either way though, I did manage a few things done over the last weekend. I got the new starboard bulkhead in and chainplate sealed. Then...
  9. CharlzO

    2012 Tohatsu 6hp? Great resource if you haven't seen it. To answer your question though, I have no idea why there's such a gap in availability down your way. Even considering that the site and maps are constantly changing, it does show Fort Lee being the only one close. Crazy that they...
  10. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Still no launch for me, for a few reasons. First, I found the starboard bulkhead had rotted, due to failing sealing around the chainplate over winter. I went up this weekend and planned on replacing it with 1/2" marine ply sealed with Epoxy. It appears the original was 7/16 instead (is that even...
  11. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    New season! Finally getting ready to get in the water, and with so much work lately, I can really use the get away. I have the last full week of April slated for vacation, and plan on spending as much as I can on the boat. The marina is set to be opening on the 19th, but I won't be able to get...
  12. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    I generally don't keep them in unless I'm underway with a following sea state, and even then I'm usually too lazy to put them in. I don't mind the water, but the first time Dad was out with me, it was splashing in a bit, so we put them in to cut down on him looking down. Didn't really matter to...
  13. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Went up this weekend, we had a fun race planned on Saturday morning, and I had someone from work that said they wanted to come up Sunday and spend the day out in the sun. So let me retreat two weeks: Previously, I had made a trip up to make sure that I had removed one of the plugs in the...
  14. CharlzO

    Switch Panel Recommendations?

    Just to toss out an inexpensive option, I grabbed one of these for mine: Individual fused switches with different amperage ratings, set in two "banks" of 4 - each has a power lead that feeds the 4 switches. There's a 5-5-10-15 amp configuration for...
  15. CharlzO

    Cockpit Anchor Light

    I found Wal-Mart carries a rechargeable LED version for about $30 if I remember right - charges with a Micro USB cord that stores in the bottom, has high-low-off switches, and worked just fine for me on my brother's boat. Went with it when it sold. Basically one of these...
  16. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Oh what a difference a month or two have made. I haven't actually made my progress on the boat side of things, in all honesty, only been up two weekends since then. Well, three, but only took the boat out twice, the other weekend was just to chill. Last trip up was with my dad again, and went...
  17. CharlzO

    mast foot, (on deck), for Oday 22 , 1972 needed!

    DR Marine is always a great resource. I know you said text, but in the meantime:
  18. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Well, this weekends plans are both comfy, and crappy. I got the new cushions in this morning, surprisingly quick. They're currently unwrapped and getting settled. Can already tell the difference just sitting here. Picked up some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, 50% off on outdoor fabrics, so I grabbed...
  19. CharlzO

    N28 progress

    Had a pretty good Sat-Wed stretch this past week. I went up Saturday afternoon, and spent the day just doing a couple little things - like painting the hatch and the chain locker covers the same blue as the hull. Sure they still stand out from the white deck, but now they at least look like...
  20. CharlzO

    Got my first MMSI #

    Just checked again myself, and it appears it's free for members, and $25 for non. Still worth it, for US sailors.