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  1. Captmayhem

    Typical compass replacement for Hunter 23 Is what I put in my O'day 23 as a replacement, happy with it
  2. Captmayhem

    Homemade mast stepper

    The pointy end is used to make the hole, the other smooth it out
  3. Captmayhem

    Homemade mast stepper

    He has "hold downs" he gets a pass in my book
  4. Captmayhem

    reported sailboat manufacturing plant closures??

    Well that doesn't look good
  5. Captmayhem

    Activities between Sailing

    wow! Two kids, both play soccer one also does Karate, the other also plays golf, better than I do, I also like to shoot. I have a house that needs more care than my boat....I've sailed exactly zero times this year so far! <sigh>
  6. Captmayhem

    Prepping a boat for sale / survey

    engine is the big one, get an oil test(it's cheap and tells you a lot) Use the dirt as a bargaining tool once the survey tells you hull and deck are sound. You don't not buy a house because it's dirty, your going to clean the hell out of it even if it's brand new :)
  7. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 Transom Rebuild

    You just added 40 years to that boat! nice work, though I'm curious? how in god's name did you fit in there? child labor? :)
  8. Captmayhem

    Question from a new 23 O'Day owner

    1"-2" are the correct ones
  9. Captmayhem

    The Mercy and Swallows & Amazons Now on Amazon Prime

    So... Back as a child my first sailing, well boating in general introduction was on Lake Windermere, camping with the sea cadets. Sailing Lasers, canoeing and learning to be coxswain of an eight boy team rowing heavy (to us) boats. Had read S&A as a child. fast forward a moon or several and I'm...
  10. Captmayhem

    Sailing paradise and ice roads

    You have me there :)
  11. Captmayhem

    Sailing paradise and ice roads

    I think I speak for all of us in the north east when I say " I hope you shank them the rest of the year"! :) I have snow on the ground still and today was a warm day! So done with the cold, each year gets harder
  12. Captmayhem

    Just Love Steam Trains

    21st century fuel! steam.... Many moons ago I was an electrical engineer at a factory making polystyrene cups (solo) The raw poly bead is blown into the mold and heated. Anyone wanna guess the fastest way of heating the mold? Why yes, tis steam, also means you can make the walls of the mold thin...
  13. Captmayhem

    Just Love Steam Trains

    got to stand on a bridge in the late 80s when LNER 4468 went under on her last run. 125.88 was her recorded fastest, though not that day of course. Incredible engineering for the time in1938. Grew up a stones throw from the Nene valley railway museum ( ) first steam train...
  14. Captmayhem

    Wolf Moon

    -19C with wind chill ( 20+ MPH winds) Tears from my 8 year old, asking why Santa bought him a a wonderful 12" Dobsidian if we don't go outside and use it. Trying to explain that whilst the naked 8 year old don't feel the cold, the 48 year year old wearing every damn thing he owns and is still...
  15. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    John, I have enough line on the vang, I could easily do this also, which block did you end up getting, I'd think the shortest would make the most sense.
  16. Captmayhem

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to one and all! I've just finished rebuilding the Diff of a Traxxas Stampede for my 8 year old boy, we destroyed it earlier. Likely the last Christmas he believes, we enter the gap years, I hope to live long enough that he goes full circle and becomes Santa. Kinda sad, well no...
  17. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    Wish I had the time Will,
  18. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    This was not meant to be a D&R bash, let's redirect this thread. I've bought standing rigging from him, was just an observation.
  19. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    give me a picture and a price, we can go from there :) Line and blocks are brand new, just need to attach to the boom
  20. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    So the little wire end with the steel ball let go at the end of the season, killing my last sail, I did jury rig but still... Need to buy a new wire with ball. I'd replaced the line and blocks at the begging of the season, just need the wire. Where can I find such a thing. I'm sure many will...