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  1. Alansails

    Looking at buying a used 30-38' Catalina

    We agree with Jesse, leslie and John above but we have owned our 310 for 6 years and love that boat. I have been on the ICW not with our 310 but other boats. I would NOT have a problem sailing our boat on the ICW or Gulf of Mexico, the 310 is a wing keel and like was said sails flatter than a...
  2. Alansails

    Engine cover/stairs

    The bump out on the starboard side of the engine box is where my wife can sit when she is cooking while enroute, can be used as a stabilizer.
  3. Alansails

    New music sysyem

    As you can see you can get really exotic about this-we use a USB cord and spotify! That and a memory stick you can get HUNDREDS of Songs! like spotify though! We have a Bluetooth speaker also! Good Luck
  4. Alansails

    Smart Plug- Yea or Nay

    UPDATE-We purchased the Smart Plug connectors and will update them in the spring when it is warmer than 22 degrees out! Granted, no snow yet but too cold to get out there and start cutting ! Thanks to all! Maine Sail-the video of the marina fire eased my wife into the deceision! :biggrin:
  5. Alansails

    Support our forum's authors

    I agree and the book, "How Boat Things work" can get it on amazon-cheap
  6. Alansails

    Windlass with Chain Gypsy

    Our boat just came with the capstan not the Gypsy, and we have 30' of chain and 200' of rode, we do not want to go anywhere!
  7. Alansails

    Smart Plug- Yea or Nay

    We always take our shore power cords when Cruising, and I would continue to do that, we also have a 30-50 amp cord converter that we always take as we have had times where 50 amp was all that was available. How long and easy or difficult was it to swap over?
  8. Alansails

    Smart Plug- Yea or Nay

    I have been thinking about upgrading to a smart plug-with the new plug in the boat and cutting the head off the 30 A twist and lock and putting the new connecter - smart plug on .. Thoughts?
  9. Alansails

    Catalina 320 vs. 320 MK II

    Have you thought about the 310?
  10. Alansails

    Our 2003 C310!

    Remember DO NOT Scare the sail out of her...BabySteps or ....... Keep her involved, so she has ownership in whats going on with the boat, trips, navigation, charts etc. Happy Wife.... My Wife now Misses the boat and trips!
  11. Alansails

    Need new Genoa? Which one?

    We have used Al Declerq for many years and boats-He was with Doyle, than UK, Than North, Than Back to Doyle. He owns his own loft and we have found him to be honest and responsible and he loves to help customers. When he was with North we bought a new 135 from him and have been very happy. We...
  12. Alansails

    Our 2003 C310!

    Looks Great despite No Wind-Great Family memories! on the new boat! Nice Pictures! We raced our Catalina 25 in the Catalina 25 Nationals after a no wind attempt at getting to the start line, the RC asked "what is your intention?" My wife responded "TO RACE" as there was a time limit to cross the...
  13. Alansails

    Weather Forum moves; JamesG161 & Jssailem are now Featured Contributors

    And also the Great Lakes-Should be No Problem for the All Seeing/All Knowing Wizards ! :)
  14. Alansails


    Congrats on a great job, celebrate when you open your first ICE COLD beer!
  15. Alansails

    Privacy Curtain

    The final story, Eileen has Washed the curtain on the Delicate Cycle in the washing Machine with cold water with regular detergent, by themselves and they were dried outside in the sun. They came out fine-fresh as new!
  16. Alansails

    Privacy Curtain

    Ed, Our cushions had wear on a few spots that was not patchable, I am guessing it is the same material. We used Fantastick spray on the shades which is what was recommended by the manufacterer and it worked. Anyway ...
  17. Alansails

    Privacy Curtain

    Yes, the aft berth does have a privacy curtain at least on our hull #155, it is the same pattern as the stern berth cushions, we are getting the cushions recovered and Eileen wanted to wash the curtain, she says she will use cold water and woolite/Ivory Snow.? Not that I am doubting her..,..:cool::)
  18. Alansails

    Privacy Curtain

    We have put our boat up for the winter :( and we have brought home the privacy curtain, has anyone cleaned it and if so what did you use? Much Thanks
  19. Alansails

    Rum Tank

    On our trip to BVI we stopped by Callwoods distillery and found it fascinating, not only is it a small batch distillery but they are so friendly and happy to let you taste all the rums! We brought back some Callwoods spiced Rum...YUMMY and the distillery has lots of true island flavor-highly...
  20. Alansails

    Rum Tank

    Not that I want to water the Rum down BUT we have been consuming spiced Rum with Ginger Ale and a wedge of lime During hot weather... YUMMMMM and it extends the Rum- makes it last longer!!!!:cool::biggrin: