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    skimmer transducer

    It really about understanding the tool you have and how to use it.
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    skimmer transducer

    It is about how you use it. On your hunter if you put in inside the hull in a location where it can transmit the sonar ping through the hull into the water it will work. You can test it placing the transponder in a bag of water on the location you think it might work. Plug it into the...
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    skimmer transducer

    @thetone is this what you mean? Skimmer. Transducer that skims the surface of the water. Transom mount transducers are an example of this type of transducer, as they are typically installed a little below the hull. If so, it may be possible to stick the unit against the inside of the hull...
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    I grew up in the generation who said... Make love not war...Since it is not mine it might as well be theirs.
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    Thinking about working on interior

    What is the problem @Skipper? It could be a minimalist sailors dream boat.
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    We can renegotiate the English/Spanish Treaty...
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    What size fuel filter/separator?

    Ok. 1 screw on fuel filter. A pump to provide fuel to the engine. Most diesel engines call for at least a 10 micron filter at the engine. But I am guessing this is a gas engine. No knowledge of the OMC saildrive. But found some links that may help...
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    What size fuel filter/separator?

    Do you have an owners manual? What does it say? Do you have 2 filters, one on the engine and one in the fuel line between the tank and the engine?
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    Quatsino Sound to Nootka Sound… We last cruised up Quatsino and said goodbye to our NJ Crew members, sending them homeward bound from Coal Harbour. Now our adventure down the West side of Vancouver Isle begins. This part of the cruise will be a mix of exploring the 5 sounds that reach into...
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    Ready Made running rigging

    @DougM Depending on the diameter that was a smoking deal. @SailMaster perhaps it is time, as when running rigging often is, for you to engage your inner seaman and take up the art of "Seamanship Knot tying". Winter is an excellent time to add a seamanship skill to your Master rating. I offer...
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    Robert. Looking at this question I found the following link. Not sure about the number count discrepancy.
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    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Basic Theories (Collier 1-4)

    I think the writing is good. I simplifies the concepts and states the facts with clarity. Much better than my chemistry books did 55 years ago.
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    Used Catalina 30

    Oh My... Where to start... Since you own a Catalina 22 I am guessing this is an upgrade.. You want to do more in a boat that you can not do in your Catalina 22. Bigger boats, even though you know the Catalina 22, have a lot more systems. 4000 hours can be bad if there has been little or no...
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    Could Winter be over?

    A wet one... on that lake.
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    water tanks

    Gary, @dmax has a good point about sailing the boat and boat balance. On cruising you might look at water preservation. Keeping one tank sealed and available should you run out of Tank 1 or Tank 1 becomes contaminated (Sea Water intrusion). Using one tank would let you know the rate of...
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    Solar panel connection setup.

    Or, you could put a cover on the panel and effect the same result.
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    Could Winter be over?

    One can hope... or Out to the woods to chop more... Remember you get warm twice chopping wood in the winter.
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    Mystery wire on alternator

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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    I would strongly agree Michael. Besides we have your weather diviner on board (Bev). It sounds like it would be wise to listen to her suggestions.
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    WEATHER - BROOKS Peninsula I have spent some time identifying conditional cruising routes and timing of passages in discussion of this adventure. While the sheltered East side of Vancouver draws many boaters to explore the inside passage, I see our trip as really a trip of two sides. Requiring...