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    shunt wiring for engine ground?

    All of the grounds can be connected to the bus bar so long as the bus bar is rated to accept the maximum load. To the extent possible the ground wires on the engine should be attached at the same point, this grounds the engine and connects all the grounds but does not put the engine into the...
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    old Signet Transducer, New Head unit?

    No. The technology has changed significantly. You might be able to find an old Signet unit on eBay. The old technology was often proprietary, meaning a Datamarine display would not work with a Signet transducer.
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    Battery monitor

    How does the 200 work with extended winter layups when the batteries are disconnected? Does it have to relearn the SOH and SOC each season?
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    Inline fuses for small wiring - ABYC compliant?

    Fusing is always done to protect the wiring. So, what you are doing is logically sound and is the way I wire most of my electronics. One good sized wire to a bus protected by a circuit breaker and then inline fuses to each of the devices from the bus. Rather than lots of little inline fuses...
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    Thinking about working on interior

    and the problem with the interior is? :biggrin: Get a basement sump pump and a pressure washer. Go to town. Wear protective gear.
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    Ready Made running rigging

    Typically you purchase the line at the length you need and then pay a separate price for the splicing and shackles.The splicing costs vary based on the type of line, some lines are harder and therefore more expensive to splice. It will be necessary to add a few feet to the length to account for...
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    Try traveller up, less mainsheet, more vang. The vang will keep the boom down while the mainsheet will induce twist in the main reducing weather helm. Upwind banging puts a lot of pressure on the boom, more than when off the wind.
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    What was the apparent wind angle? It sounds like you were pointing too high. The traveller should be raised to center the boom, and the mainsheet trimmed to allow some twist in the sail. What's going on with the jib? were the tell tales flowing evenly? The genoa cars should be aft and the sail...
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    Anchor Windlass/Bow Thruster Battery Recommendations

    Have you measured the voltage at the thruster while operating? I'm wondering if you are getting too much line loss from the cable run. Might a larger diameter cable reduce the loss which in effect would increase capacity.
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    Anchor Windlass/Bow Thruster Battery Recommendations

    Since FLA batteries are less sensitive to abuse, I'd be inclined to stay with them. I would be inclined to keep the whole system at 24v and then step down to 12 as needed. 24v devices appear to be more commonly available. Victron makes a DC-DC converter. Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters Isolated -...
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    Winch shims

    Find a really flat surface, like a piece of marble floor tile. Affix some sandpaper to the flat surface and sand them to thickness. A glass table top will also work.
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    Hunter 1993 23.5 mast stress crack

    The crack is in a very high stress area. The compression loads from the cap shrouds will be very high. The crack will have to be repaired or the mast replaced. Follow @DrJudyB's advice. I wouldn't sail with the mast in that condition.
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    Depth finder installation

    There are 4 parts to the transducer: The transducer itself which has a cable attached to it, a large nut that secures the transducer to the through hull, a through hull fitting (with a mushroom end) and a nut that secures the through hull to the boat. The last few transducers I installed used...
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    Hull reinforcement

    Nah, in the interests of low production costs the glass was not trimmed after it was laid up. It is also glass mat not cloth. The black stuff is just mysterious bilge crud, perhaps some dirt, old oil, dust from the hoses and v-belts. A grinder might have been used to open up the hole some more...
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    Calder wrote an article on Solar panels for the December/January Professional Boatbuilder magazine, page 45-46. (Sorry don't have an online or electronic reference.) The controller should be sized for the panel's out put at any given moment, not the total output for the day. The Victron 75/15...
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    As others have said, it is necessary to know how much power is being used on a typical day and what other sources of power you have, engine, shore power. Nigel Calder now suggests daily panel output of a high quality monocrystalline panel will be 3 times the rated output. Assuming the OPs...
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    Call your insurance company and they will send a surveyor out to look at the damage. Once the surveyor determines the amount of damage, you can make a decision about repairing it, i.e., repair it yourself or have a competent yard repair it. I believe Beneteaus have cast iron keels. These are...
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    How hard did you hit? What did you hit? There could be structural damage beyond the keel. The boat needs to be hauled and inspected. Places to look for damage are not intuitive. When the front of the keel hits a hard immovable object, like a rock. The aft end of the keel is forced up into the...
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    Could Winter be over?

    We leave Tuesday AM. Hilo, here we come!
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    Could Winter be over?

    That's fast! I mailed mine last Monday. We'll see if it comes back this week. They did charge my CC on Friday. Went with a 5 year renewal, won't have to deal with fee increases or renewing again for many years.