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  1. Ward H

    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    @jssailem , thanks for the lesson on the phone this morning. @Michael Davis, Thanks for warming @jssailem up Thursday morning. He then spent several hours teaching me the same thing Thursday afternoon. OpenCPN and inputting the trip's GPX files on my MacBook is pretty cool.
  2. Ward H

    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    John, a while back you mailed out this map of Vancouver Island. Shows a few more towns/ports. I didn't see where it was posted in this thread so here it is. I printed out a few copies and now I'm marking them up with the proposed route and stops as you post them.
  3. Ward H

    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    I too am getting excited about this trip. Current plan is for @lehighsail and I to join John on S/V Hadley in Nanaimo for the trip up the west side, over the top around Cape Scott and into Coal Harbor. Then we'll hop a bus to Port Hardy to begin the flights home. One of the highlights of last...
  4. Ward H

    Sunshine and blisters

    @Stratus3 I can’t help with your question but I love your avatar photo. Your pup looks very dignified.
  5. Ward H

    EV-100 install

    I agree with the others. If you have DYI skills, you can install the EV-100. The package includes a SeaTalkng starter kit for your SeaTalkng Network. You can find the manuals online and study them. RM's SeaTalkng network components are color coded for easy assembly of the network making an easy...
  6. Ward H

    Electrical Fire!

    Gregs Marine Wire Supply has a large variety of wire colors including striped wire. I used them for wire colors to match the wiring in my C30.
  7. Ward H

    Wheel or tiller? Which rolls best?

    As @Scott T-Bird said, the wheel steering stick takes getting used to but it's not converting a wheel to a tiller. On our boat we use it to allow us to sit off to the side, out of comfortable reach of the wheel, and make slight steering corrections on a straight course. Anything more than slight...
  8. Ward H

    New music sysyem

    One comment about streaming music services. Pandora has been mentioned a lot but I lost track of it. I do know Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple iTunes all allow you to download music to your device so you can listen to your music when you are outside of WiFi range. Even if you are within cell...
  9. Ward H

    Electric toilets ... like them or not?

    Yep, I heard as much grief when I bought her a Universal TV Remote for Christmas as I did when I gave her a Full Year of Lawn Care service for her birthday. Almost as bad as when I was younger and had a long time girlfriend. I gave her earrings one Christmas. Went over well so I did the same the...
  10. Ward H

    Electric toilets ... like them or not?

    @Scott T-Bird Might make a nice Christmas gift for Sue Ease of use and fresh water flush trumps any additional noise on my boat.
  11. Ward H

    ZF Hurth transmission slipping

    Just for comparison my M25XP turns a 13-10 3 blade on my 93 C30. It reaches boat speed about 3100 rpm. I’d try dmax’s suggestion before thinking of a new trans.
  12. Ward H

    Happy Thanksgiving...

    @jssailem I'm checking if there are flights timed so I can be there by dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  13. Ward H

    Running Lights 1979 Catalina C 30

    On my 93 C30 the bow lights shared the black ground wire with the cabin lights. Do the cabin lights work in the v-berth area? If yes look where the black ground wire from the bow taps into the black ground wire running around the perimeter of the v-berth. That connection went bad on my boat...
  14. Ward H


    I'm happy with the EV100 on my 10,500 lb boat.The package also includes a SeaTalkng (NMEA2000) starter kit for setting up the needed SeaTalkng network. I paired mine with the Axiom 7 but the EV100 is sweet on its own.
  15. Ward H

    Battery isolation?

    @Nick Philips A good thread to read to learn more about battery switches and wiring is 1/Both/2/Off Switches It might help to understand your power wiring.
  16. Ward H

    Evolution Autopilot Question

    The wheel drive will work with either the ST4000 through EV-100 systems but the EV-100 system uses a P70 or P70S control head, which is not compatible with an older system. I stand corrected. I found this on the Raymarine Tech Forum. "Raymarine's p70/p70R/p70S/p70RS Autopilot Control Heads are...
  17. Ward H

    Landfall 38 What is this?

    The damage to the bulkhead around that chainplate leads me to believe it is a replacement chainplate. Is it possible the rig was changed and the original rig required a chainplate for a shroud? reports: "The LANDFALL 38 shares the same hull design as the C&C 38-2 but with a...
  18. Ward H

    Auto/Manual Inflatable life jackets

    At Annapolis we looked at the Spinlock 5D Deck Vest with harness. I found it much more comfortable to wear than the Mustang HIT vest we have been wearing for the past 6 years. The 5D is auto inflate has built in harness and crotch straps. It uses a "pill" type activator but is "improved" to...
  19. Ward H

    Evolution Autopilot Question

    Yep, you need to dig deeper. If there is a component missing you will get an error message on the control head. The ACU powers the drive motor for the helm so it is there somewhere.
  20. Ward H

    Help on a New Traveler

    At Annapolis @Scott T-Bird was talking to the Harken rep about traveler setups. When we asked about the windward sheeting cars he wasn't that keen on them preferring traveler end cleats as @Joe suggested.