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  1. rgranger

    Tailpipe under water?

    Is there really an issue with deflection of a tongue extender for this trailer? I guess I'm asking if you have that much weight on the swivel jack? It is a triple axle trailer and if the boat is loaded in a balanced way, I would think the boat would sit rather level on the trailer and the...
  2. rgranger

    Hot controller

    I have no experience with wind generators but I can't help but wonder if the issue might be amperage as well has heat. If you find a way to cool the controller, will you be pushing to many amps into the battery in a short amount of time?
  3. rgranger

    Tailpipe under water?

    Towards the boat....;) Floated the trailer up under the boat using the boats buoyancy to float the trailer off of the ledge.
  4. rgranger

    Replacement trailer for an 85 Mac 25

    Searched the computer but I don't have any pics of the boat on the trailer now.
  5. rgranger

    Tailpipe under water?

    I did this once. We had a drought back a few years and my home lake was down about 8'. No amount of pulling was going to get the tires back on the ramp. But this old-timer walks over and says to me.... take a line under your trailer back up to the winches and just float your trailer back...
  6. rgranger

    Replacement trailer for an 85 Mac 25

    Well that is my trailer. It now has a Rhodes 22 sitting on it. I brought it to a trailer shop and had them remove the EZ-Tilt rollers and they welded some "ears" along the edge of the two longitudinal beams so I could through bolt skids. I have not done a lot of trailering with it yet but if...
  7. rgranger

    Thinking about working on interior

    I'd take that anchor for free. Then....
  8. rgranger

    Thinking about working on interior

    That will buff right out....:yikes:
  9. rgranger

    Bilge Oil?

    Sounds like a biological byproduct. Probably mold.
  10. rgranger

    Tailpipe under water?

    And congrats on your new boat.
  11. rgranger

    Tailpipe under water?

    Based upon the way the bottom paint has faded, it looks like she floats a little high on her water line. You might get lucky and she will start to float off the pads before you have to get the third set of tires wet. BTW, that is a serious trailer for a 26' sailboat. Are those 2000# axles or...
  12. rgranger

    Table sealer

    I've used this with good results...
  13. rgranger

    1981 Hunter 30 Packing Nut

    Batteries near fuel always makes me cringe... I guess this is why diesel is so popular.
  14. rgranger

    Need in-hull depth finder — recommendations?

    :plus: Done the plumbers several times. Easy peasy 5 min job.
  15. rgranger

    Hydro Côte SR bottom paint will not mix

    Did leave it in a garage or someplace it could freeze?
  16. rgranger

    Replacement trailer for an 85 Mac 25

    Search craigist for a POS boat on a nice trailer. I bought a $400 boat on a dual axle trailer ... stripped it of good hardware and sold the hull for $100
  17. rgranger

    Legend 40.5 - Genoa furling line cockpit arrangement

    Yep Hunter likes embedded aluminum plates. If you find it you will drill a hole into the plate then use a tap and dye set to bore threads into the hole for your winch attachment bolts.
  18. rgranger

    Bbq differences between brands

    That is a beautiful sight!!!!!!
  19. rgranger

    Legend 40.5 - Genoa furling line cockpit arrangement

    Is there something else causing friction? I've never felt the need to use a winch when rolling my head sail. It rolls fairly well. So I'm wondering why you have so much tension.... and is it a good idea to wind up a sail with that much tension on the line? I don't know the answer... just...
  20. rgranger

    1984 Catilina 22 mast

    And I'm going to guess that an O'day 22 or a MacGregor 22 would have about the same sized mast so you could look there also.