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  1. Will Gilmore

    Don't fight the Power

    That is the thinking I was raised with. Our live-aboard was designed with just such an engine room, not a compartment. That's the working commercial mariner, mind set. Ideally, my dream sailboat has an engine room that is also a watertight compartment in the middle of the hull. Full...
  2. Will Gilmore

    Don't fight the Power

    I am really liking the look of All U Get's Magnetohydrodynamic drive. -Will (Dragonfly)
  3. Will Gilmore

    eye candy

    Viking woodwork was amazing. -Will (Dragonfly)
  4. Will Gilmore

    Don't fight the Power

    The Philadelphia experiment. -Will (Dragonfly)
  5. Will Gilmore

    Don't fight the Power

    Twin electric tunnel drive right through the twin keels. Reversible, reclaimable, and why not have a side thruster for walking sideways up to a seawall between boats? -Will (Dragonfly)
  6. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Self-Corrosion (Collier 5)

    The literature I have read says the Earth overall, is considered neutral, but at ground level, there is normally a negative charge. Your point about relative charge, however is an important one. Here's a link to some lecture notes that address this. The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II Ch...
  7. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Self-Corrosion (Collier 5)

    Good question. As you might have read in my most recent post in Section 1, I was confused by the direction of current flow with regards to ground. In a couple of different sources on electricity, they refer to the convention of describing electrical current as moving from positive to negative...
  8. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Self-Corrosion (Collier 5)

    Welcome to Section 2 of our SBO Book club study of Everett Collier's book, 'The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion". We are reading and posting, in sections, as we work our way through the subject of corrosion in the marine environment. Each section will cover one or more chapters and be posted in...
  9. Will Gilmore

    Seldén Furling question

    Hey Grant, I'm sure there are plenty of sailors on here who will have answers and good advice for you. Unfortunately, I don't know the brands of furlers. My one suggestion is that you consider editing the name of your thread to include the brand you are asking about. You may get more relevant...
  10. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Basic Theories (Collier 1-4)

    Yes, of course. My mistake. I was thinking of ground, as in a lightning storm. I was taught in my weather lab that positive charged ground follows under a lightning storm. This is what pulls the ions from the air and causes lightning. I have been visualizing that image as I think of...
  11. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Basic Theories (Collier 1-4)

    Yes, that's what I meant, but you said it so much better than I did. Thanks. By "ground", I'm talking about any large electron well, a place starved and greedy for elections, such as 'Earth Ground' is. This can provide the motive force to move elections, stipping them from the anode metal...
  12. Will Gilmore


    I'm chiming in with thinwater. Open up your slot, and move your traveler up. With the 120 hauled in on an openned boom, you close the slot and move the lift forces into the headsail instead of at the forward portion of the main. Play with the headsail and the slot. A boat with a little...
  13. Will Gilmore

    Electric re-sale value?

    Some of my favorite moments, even at 11 years old in my pram, were when the wind was just enough to keep the sail from flopping loosely. Quite, relaxing, no demands or expectations or judgments from others. Soak it up and feel the connection to the World. The powerboat that roars past, noise...
  14. Will Gilmore

    Moving back to Hawaii - found a new boat

    Very nice, but...;) Since you're going to be living in Hawaii and you bought the boat in Maine, like the name "Lalo Hikina" which I loosely translate through Google Translate as "Down East". Yes, not nearly as much heavy metal spice added during the canning process. -Will (Dragonfly)
  15. Will Gilmore

    Sailboat Owner's Guide to Corrosion - Basic Theories (Collier 1-4)

    Collier describes basic corrosion in chapter 4. He specifically addressed three types of corrosion. One is a natural single metal corrosion, referred to as electrochemical corrosion. When in the presence of oxygen and nitrogen, a metal will give up electrons to oxidation. It occurs very...
  16. Will Gilmore

    Security alarms

    My father talked about mounting the slide of a pump action shotgun over his bunk, just the slide. He figured the sound of a round being chambered into a shotgun was enough to warn intruders to get off. I, like Tom, live in La La Land. It is so sad to hear about the need to lock up outboards...
  17. Will Gilmore

    Offshore sailing from Chesapeake bay to St. Thomas in winter

    Great read, thanks. I had my best meal ever at the Whale of a Tail restaurant, in St. Thomas. An incredible tuna steak, perfectly rare with a beautiful Béarnaise sauce. The tuna had been caught that day. Sadly, I've heard the restaurant isn't open anymore. :( -Will (Dragonfly)
  18. Will Gilmore

    Solar panel connection setup.

    Can you describe your panels and controller? What wattages are you dealing with, etc. What kind of controller? I also don't know much about this subject, so I'm following along. Sunny sailing. -Will (Dragonfly)
  19. Will Gilmore

    Moving back to Hawaii - found a new boat

    Beautiful. A real head turner. Maybe the northwest passage will be open to sail across. There's a great shakedown cruise. -Will (Dragonfly)
  20. Will Gilmore

    Its funny Friday!

    Kermit, be sure you notify Mariachee on payday, so he has enough money to stock appropriately. -Will (Dragonfly)