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  1. Claude L.-Auger

    Anchor well question??

    It may simply be because there is not enough room to run the hose to the drain through-hull. When I made my anchor well deeper, I had to reconfigure the hose to the through-hull and create a sort of P-trap under the anchor well floor. Works well but I need to winterize with antifreeze when...
  2. Claude L.-Auger

    my throttle cable bracket is missing from the pedestal! without the bracket the steering is sloppy. who can help?

    You don't indicate the brand but on my 86 28.5 I had a Merriman so it's likely that is what you have. Under the steering shaft, on the aft side, about halfway between the cockpit floor and the shaft you'll find a large screw head. That is what holds and tensions the bracket that keeps the...
  3. Claude L.-Auger

    I need a used mast for a Hunter 34

    When I broke the Kenyon mast on my boat several years ago, the rigger had access to Charleston spar and found a mast that was almost exacly the same shape and size. It was new but the insurance way paying for it. In your case, my point is to suggest you contact salvage yards and find out was...
  4. Claude L.-Auger

    A brief absence

    Best to you, Phil.. I hope that you get well really soon and that the rest of the R & R time sees you under balmy weather in some nice place. Looking forward to seeing you back in good health.
  5. Claude L.-Auger

    Support for hatch missing

    You may be right but since most of these boats were sold at dealers I think It's more a case of whoever the worker was. It might also have been done at Bomar and Hunter installed whatever it received. Just curious on a personal note where do you keep your boat in Ponce Inlet ? I have stayed at...
  6. Claude L.-Auger

    Support for hatch missing

    Only one on my 84 as well, but it's funny Kloudie as yours seems to be on the starboard side while mine is on port !
  7. Claude L.-Auger

    Bow Heavy

    Ditto on Mikem. Check your anchor locker. If the drain got plugged up then you will have water accumulation. On the 34, the drain is in the bottom of the locker, connected to a rubber hose which goes to a through-hull. The area under the anchor locker is a dry section of the bilge, as well as...
  8. Claude L.-Auger

    Shaft log hose stuck

    You said the shaft log is glassed in. And no clearance between shaft log and hull. So if you were to see-saw with a steel wire the remaining of the hose flush with the hull, how much shaft log would then be exposed ? If enough to slip a new hose on with 2 clamps, that might work. Just an idea !
  9. Claude L.-Auger

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all !

    Please see attached message and card. A big Thank You of course to Phil and the HOW gang for having created this site and continuing to provide it for us all over the years !!!
  10. Claude L.-Auger

    Bilge pump wiring

    Here is a drawing I found a number of years ago. My own panel has just a standard break switch to turn the bilge on or off, but the auto float is hot wired. So I can turn the DC power off at the main breaker switch or the 1-All-2-OFF switch and the bilge pump will still be activated by the auto...
  11. Claude L.-Auger

    Lost a good friend

    Sorry about your loss Mark. A friend's wife left the end of the year party at their club several years ago to go back to the boat. She looked OK to everyone so they did not worry. When he did not see her on the boat upon his return, he thought she had had a change of mind and had gone to their...
  12. Claude L.-Auger

    H34 windlass installation

    Hi Ron and thanks for the nice comment. My locker is indeed waterproof and that single drain does the job perfectly 99% of the time. Every now and then when anchored, I pick up whatever debris might have found its way in there and using the wash-down pump I clean the locker and ensure that the...
  13. Claude L.-Auger

    H34 windlass installation

    Hi again, I think the space below the locker is dry. It was totally dry when I cut the fiberglass in 07 to do the project and I did not see any signs of water having ever entered there or leaked on the 2 collared ends of the drain hose. And I wanted to keep it that way ! I don't remember the...
  14. Claude L.-Auger

    H34 windlass installation

    Hello Charlie, Saw your post and decided to attach the pdf I had created if it can help you with the installation. The reason I did not want the chain and rode line to drop in the bottom of the hull are twofold: 1) right or wrong, I did not want to have that chain rubbing against the hull ! And...
  15. Claude L.-Auger

    hunter 326 propeller

    Top rpm is 3600, and hull speed is 6.8 kn. Cruising speed is something you want around 80% of max rpm. Before doing anything, I would try the boat on a calm day for a run with the current and same distance against the current at top speed. Then average both runs to see what you real top speed...
  16. Claude L.-Auger

    Shifter stuck in forward on my Yanmar 2GMF

    Found this in my computer. Thought it could be of help as it shows a diagram of the inner pedestal and the adjustment to the cables.
  17. Claude L.-Auger

    Diesel Re-Plumb

    I'm with Fast Olson as to the need of a check valve on the return line. Have had diesel engines since the early 90s and never seen one. Consider the fact that the fuel in the return line is pushed by the engine. That is excess fuel returning to the tank and being dropped in it. There is no way...
  18. Claude L.-Auger

    Shifter stuck in forward on my Yanmar 2GMF

    + 1 with Benny. You say you can operate the lever at the tranny. My suggestion would be to disconnect the cable at the tranny and operate the transmission lever at the pedestal to see if if works correctly. Your boat is an 84 so your pedestal is probably the old Merriman Yacht Specialty with two...
  19. Claude L.-Auger

    Need new Genoa? Which one?

    ''I believe it is the original sail (2002) and the tear is on the sail cloth itself, not on the seam." Your problem is very similar to mine. My 2001 130% North Sail Genoa had a tear on the cloth which I had patched-up with sail tape. Took it to the sail loft I have used for years and his first...