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  1. 51RD55

    Boat Without Autohelm - Your Thoughts

    It looks like we found a boat to replace our current boat but it does not have an autohelm and we are told by the current owner that it would cost $8,000.00 to put one in. It does have however depth, wind, chartplotte instruments & VHF radio. What are your thoughts about not having an autohelm...
  2. 51RD55

    Off Set Prop Shaft : Pros and Cons

    Someone expressed interest in buying our boat and there is a 1972 C&C 35' for sale that was recommended to us to go and see. It has an off set propeller shaft and there seems to be varying opinions about wether or not this is a good feature. Appreciate all thoughts on this please and thank you.
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    Stowe anemometre

    Hello All, My husband recently purchased a used set of STOWE instruments for our boat. The boat currently has STOWE instruments, but is missing the mast head anemometer. The screens on two of them are quite crazed and almost impossible to read. Saw these at a Marine Supply Yard Sale and got...
  4. 51RD55

    Holding Tank Solar Vent

    Peggie, Being in total agreement with the fact that the holding tank needs oxygen to produce aerobic decomposition, my husband has an idea that he asks your opinion on. The existing vent to our holding tank on our 31' Hunter is the usual 3/4" hose. He would like to run a second vent to the top...
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    Yanmar 2GMF - Diesel Fuel Loss

    I just recently changed on my Yanmar 2GMF the fuel filter and the water separator. In the process, I lost about 1.5 cups of diesel fuel of which I was able to return approximately 1 cup full. Much to my surprise, I did not need to bleed the system. The engine started immediately, I ran it for...
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    Restoration photos of Hunter 31 1984

    Because of mild autumnal/winter weather, we are happy to have had the opportunity to get a head start on the boat. This means we can enjoy her in later spring for her intended use - sailing and a home away from home. For now, I am posting the photos of the restored port lights that were done...
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    Possible to clean under V-berth?

    Awhile back, at the very same time this site had undergone its upgrade, and I believe I was one of the first to post, some glitch prompted me to choose five posters to address my question to. I thought it was peculiar, but who was I to question how the new site worked. LOL The next morning I...
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    Electrical problem on 1984 hunter 31

    Recently I seemingly tripped a breaker while working on the boat. The only load on my outlet breaker was an LED droplight, one mini fan and when I plugged in my a small vaccuum cleaner, the circuit blew. Now this is unusual because I've had in the past more load on that circuit without tripping...