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  1. Patbrogan

    Connecting mast with CDI fuller to front of boat

    Our 26M has been with mast down for months and when we went to step it, the built in forestay won't reach to the connection. We added 2 screw lock carribiners we got at West Marine as extensions. They are rated to about 600 pounds. Not sure if the forestay is bent, or if the mast isn't all the...
  2. Patbrogan

    CDI furler for 26m not furling

    On the boat I just bought the furler line keeps getting caught as the roller part doesn't stay seated in the housing. See image. Any suggestions on how to get it working?
  3. Patbrogan

    Caring for bottom that is docked

    We have had our boat in the water now a month in Pittsburgh Ca. Where there is both salt and fresh water. We have about 10 feet of algae growing on the bottom! I tried to power wash it off from dock and think I can put it on trailer to do I best handle this? I thought it would take...
  4. Patbrogan

    Forestay shackle with furling system on 26m

    We were thinking of replacing the forstay shackle on the furling jib to make it secure and easier to attach and not lose. Our current system is a shackle attached to the bottom of the furler and a cotter pin and ring. Sometime )once sine is a new boat) we stepped the mast in the dock and had to...
  5. Patbrogan

    Mac26m rudder alignment and steering? Power not working

    We just bought a 26m and used it for the first time. When backing out of dock, we discovered that steering was not aligned. The rudders shift much more in one direction than the other. What to check? Also, is is best to use second bolt to lock rudders up for transport. One came that way, the...