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    2000 H380 Freedom Inverter Charger

    My charger portion seems to work fine, is 100 amp, with a 2000 watt inverter.. just don't know where it is located The Freedom panel, does not light up or function. I have had a lot of electric work done. Added a second bank of house bats (where Gen would go) , solar panels and all new...
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    Bathroom faucet -2000 H380

    Hot water side is slowly coming out.. Cold water is fine ,all other hot water outlets fine on boat... What do I need... new valve, new faucet? Regards, Viper
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    ICW Charleston to Brunswick Ga.

    There are sections now that are 3.5 feet at low tides that are suppose to be 11 feet or better and they run for miles. I can only imagine the ICW here at low tide with a northeaster, likely walkable. And the lessons of a novice (although with 60 years of boat experience, just not this...
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    Final Engine Check.... 2000 H380, Questions - Transmission.

    Well in the last week or so have had mechanic again check out the engine. Engine 500 hours.. 36-40Hp, Yanmar 3jh3-e with a Transmission… Model #KM3P. 2.51:1 ratio 15-40 wt oil for both. ( M in Transmission denotes Oil, not transmission fluid) New stainless elbow mixer and flange with new heat...
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    2000 Hunter 380 Mainsail Furling Problems/Boom Car wheels

    My boat lost its mast just before delivery in 2016, when another sailboat in the yard fell on it. The sails were out being cleaned and reconditioned. New mast from Selden, old boom. Boom re -attached, sails cleaned , new sunbrella, leach lines and etc. Rigger installed new sails and did not...
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    Stainless Elbo Mixer and Flange

    Yanmar mechanic said time to replace elbow and connecting piece at 18 years even though the engine had only 500 hours,. Rust was obvious inside and out. Bought stainless flange and Elbo for my 3jh3-e 36 HP , 2000 for $140 for elbow and $105 for flange ( 4 bolts to engine block)from HDI, and...
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    2000 H380, Marine Force 10, 3 Burner, not working

    My stove will not light, electronically or by lighter. No evidence of gas reaching stove. Propane tank filled, valve open, 150 lbs of pressure, per locker gauge... even after several days, so no leak. 12 Volt LPG panel switch on. Propane control panel in Galley, on and lights up. 5amp fuse...
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    Which cutoff Ball Valves do you close off when sailing

    What are the thru hull valves that you generally close before sailing? For example, the fridge compressor water cooler line I would like to leave open, to run my Fridge.... Do you close all the sink drains..... Regards
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    FYI Hunter 380 Hull Ports

    Well from the outside there are 4 fixed black lexan ports. One in Galley area/starboard is fake. I guess they wanted the 2 sides to be symmetrical. Finally a port that will not leak, I hope... Regards
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    Boom Angle on 2000 H380

    New mast , old boom. My boom is attached lower at the mast than its lowest position over the arch by at least 8 inches. This means my boom is at about 8 degree angle and not close to a right angle. Recommendations to prevent unfurling problems is a boom at 90 degrees, with 2% down for...
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    Sugar Scoop Stern

    Bought an H380. Now been on her for several weeks as we continue to get her ready for a 900 mile trip from N. Charleston to Cape Coral. Since the late 70s what I wanted was a Cutter rigged Ketch with pirate stern, center cockpit and 50ft long... But lots of years past by. One pulled into...
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    Stops from Charleston to Keywest

    H380, 5ft swing keel. Will be offshore weather permitting for the day otherwise intra coastal. Must be on outside of ditch, from Port Everglades to Government Cut. I will be heading down from Charleston to Cape Coral Fl. in about 2 months(Early June)..... Looking for overnight places to...