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  1. Bob S

    Beneteau Circuit Breakers

    Anyone have a source for a 20A breaker to fit a 2003 Beneteau DP. I am installing a new electric head which requires 20A. The only open circuit I have open is a 5A. I’d like to find one that fits the panel without altering. I found a 15A but can’t seem to locate anything larger.
  2. Bob S

    Raritan Smart Toilet Control with Multifunction Panel

    I'm almost done installing a Raritan Elegance head and am trying to find a good location for the smart control panel. I'm concerned with water as the head is also the shower and I don't want ti getting sprayed every time we shower in there. Any suggestions from anyone with experience with these...
  3. Bob S

    Cleaning flexible solar panels

    I will be adding 2 possibly 4 if I can find the real estate SunPower solar panels over the winter layup. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but are products like 303 or 210 plastic cleaners OK to use on a flexible solar panel? Their manual says over the counter cleaners such as Windex can be...
  4. Bob S

    Chartplotter question?

    My boat icon is 90 degrees offset from the direction I am moving. I have a Garmin 7612 that is not tied to my older autopilot. I only say that because I have searched the web for a cure and I've seen many referencing to recalibration of the fluxgate compass. I spent a number of hours playing...
  5. Bob S

    Holding tank Vent locations

    I going to add 1" vents to my holding tanks. There are two heads in the two cabin version of the 393. I'm not concerned about the aft head but the forward one is in the V behind the anchor locker. I want to keep the vent lines as short and high as possible. With the mushroom thru hulls this far...
  6. Bob S

    Adding a 2A fuse holder

    installing an AIS requiring a 2A fuse. The power wire is 20 AWG and the fuse holder is 10 AWG. Water tight 1-30Amp fuse holder? How would you do this?
  7. Bob S

    AIS GPS Location

    The Defender Warehouse sale is here and I am ordering a Vesper XB-8000 at a great price. I have to fill out a program sheet asking where the antenna will be located on the boat. The problem is I am not sure yet. I'm sure I'm not the first to be in this predicament. I have my Garmin GPS located...
  8. Bob S


    OK my almost new to me 393 has been a pleasure cruising southern NE. I'm preparing to haul next week but already thinking ahead to next season. The one thing that was part of her inventory but I haven't played with is her North Sail Gennaker. I've been surfing Youtube for how to's. Never had one...
  9. Bob S


    My new to me 2003 B393 has a RayMarine ST6001 with linear drive, probably dealer installed. It was flawless last season. The fluxgate compass is in the port aft lazerette with the control head by the instrument panel. I will try to locate the course computer this evening. The system has been...
  10. Bob S

    What ever happened to my Drag Queen

    Had it on my iPhone then it was gone. When I go to the App Store it’s no longer available.
  11. Bob S

    6v wired in series/parallel

    what color wire when wiring pos to neg when wiring in series? Does it make a difference? Also, the runs are short. What size wire between batteries for 6 6v bank. Coming off the ends I’m using 1 aw
  12. Bob S

    Impeller change

    I’m in the middle of a rewire update and have the alternator off. I decided to take advantage of the room and change out the impeller. Not an easy project (Yanmar 54hp)even with the added room. Just curious how long in time or hours before we’re looking at a rebuild or replace project?
  13. Bob S

    RAM mic cable rewire?

    Not sure but I can't be alone in this: My Standard Horizon CMP23B RAM mic functions fine but the cable has UV degraded and is crumbling. I spoke with their customer service and they no longer have the cables. Any suggestions??? I'm waiting for a call back from tech support to see if there is a...
  14. Bob S

    Jabsco filters

    i broke the threaded portion of a model 36200-000 inline filter used in my shower sump. It's the clear plastic bowl. Has anyone found a source for just the bowl? I think I might have to buy the whole filter just for the housing.
  15. Bob S

    Chain Hooks

    Did a search and wasn't able to find any comments but I'm sure I'm not alone. I just bought 100' of 3/8 BBB chain during the Defender sale. My two chain hooks, one being a Mantis, won't fit the chain. The links are too close. Any suggestions on a chain hook for BBB chain?
  16. Bob S

    Dinghy Davits One Size Fits All?

    Years ago I bought a set of Garhauer davits to install on my Catalina 30. I decided not to after reading many thoughts on boat length and hanging a 10' dinghy. Moving forward I now have a Beneteau 393 that weight shouldn't be a factor. Do all davits have the same reach or are they made specific...
  17. Bob S

    Watertight deck fittings

    Has anyone found a a source for the rubber grommets used on this style fitting? Mine are pretty shot and would like to replace them rather than buying a new fitting.
  18. Bob S

    Fire Extinguishers leave them on or remove for the winter?

    I have always removed my fire extinguishers as part of my winterizing checklist. What do you do? Does the cold have any short/long term effects?
  19. Bob S

    Raw water impeller for Yanmar 4jh3e

    Are there any sources besides Yanmar direct? Also researching the oil and fuel filters. I am new to Yanmar as my previous boat Universal M25xp had many alternatives. Thanks
  20. Bob S

    Curious if anyone has heard from JK Boston

    I know Jesse and Stacey were in and around St John's but I haven't really been following him. Has anyone heard from him? I just hope he made it far enough south to get somewhat out of the path of Irma.