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  1. Leeward Rail

    high water?

    We had a weird summer here with possible similar results. We have had a few years of low levels on Lake Winnipeg. At haulout this fall, the ramps down to the docks at our marina were steep enough you could easily slip and fall. Considering the channel is normally very narrow due to depth, I...
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    Harbor Freight makes boat stands !

    Yeah. But the point of this thread was boat stands. Showing how I normally use a stationary automotive lift inside the shop is whole different dicussion.
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    What the Heck is a dockominium ? I was first suspecting it was a new term for boats that don't leave the dock.
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    Harbor Freight makes boat stands !

    Set in ground... ? The point of stands is that they are portable. Previously I lifted the boat indoors in the shop with a hoist, but stands allow you to do it anywhere. Marina yard, driveway, wherever.
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    Convert to internal halyards

    And here I thought they all had internal halyards. (Wire and rope or just rope) Having 4 would be nice.
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    paint for cabin storage and removing the threshold of catalina 22.

    Personally I wouldn't bother painting the storage areas or the raw fiberglass. Paint just creates a need for constant maintenance. Paint eventually peels and needs refinishing whereas gelcoat and fiberglass usually just needs cleaning and maybe polishing after 30 years.
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    Congrats Christoper - Sailor - Adventurer

    Another interesting book is Charles Mann's book 1491.
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    Congrats Christoper - Sailor - Adventurer

    The book you linked is based on the original public domain book. People interested in this type of stuff can download old logs/diarys from Columbus, Shackleton etc. Just go to the original public domain book source... Besides the originals,Filson Young is one example...
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    Happy Birthday to John Shepard

    Happy 29th !
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    Pacific High vs Hurricane

    Why is this "Brees" guy not playing, when based on the name, you use your feet and not your hands ? :stir:
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    1974 Catalina 22 topside paint

    Normally non skid is used only where you walk. For example, the sides where the portlights (windows) are would NOT have non skid. From factory the Catalina 22 has non skid texture molded into the fiberglass deck itself. Of course you can do whatever you want. To do a good job you should...
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    eye candy

    I just can't see the America's Cup multihulls and foilers as eye candy. Meh. The old 12 metre boats ok.. But those multihulls and foilers look like insects and are ugly imo. Fast yes. Fun.. I don't doubt. Atrractive.. Nope
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    The Best Sailing Movie I’ve Ever Seen

    Pbbbft..... Clearly you have never seen 'All is Lost". :laugh:
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    Mobile App for Android Now Online

    So far I find the SBO android app lacking even basic functions. -links are not clickable -you can't copy text or links and paste them in another app. -it alerts me to new posts in forums I am not "following" -no way to configure notifications. -can't zoom into images with 2 fingers -when you...
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    New Forums: Questions, Suggestions, Comments

    Should we post questions and comments about the new android app here too ?
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    help! can not lower the keel!

    Interesting. Looks like your weird nut is actually the piece that fits into the winch. Just like the barrel on the evidently newer c25s I have seen. The groove on the shaft in your original photo does look like a spot for a lock ring. Hmm.. There is another c25 at our marina, that I can...
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    help! can not lower the keel!

    Looking your photos in a decent size, on a computer now, and the shaft DOES seem to a groove in the end of the shaft for some type of clip. What year is your C25 ? Maybe that is some older setup that wasn't on the C25s I have been aboard.aboard
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    help! can not lower the keel!

    The winch on a c25 usually has a removable handle. In the photo above is a new handle itself, and a piece (barrel) that threads on the very end of the winch shaft. On one c25 I saw, there was a second nut with nylon in it, that you turn backwards (as if you are removing it) which jams the...
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    help! can not lower the keel!

    No no lockwasher. Just another nut. When you tighten 2 nuts towards each other they effectively prevent themselves from.turning. especially when you are actually turning the handle sandwiched between them.