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  1. dj2210


    We have decided to sell our boat due to health, financial issues and other interests. I have enjoyed these forums and obtained much knowledge from it's sailors. I have been sailing on and off since I was 14 with my Father and since he is no longer around my interest has waned. Silly I know but...
  2. dj2210

    Second set of jib winches

    Having a 1990 C30 with a wheel pedestal in the cockpit and mid-boom sheeting, tends to make getting to the jib winches difficult if behind the wheel. It really gets awkward when there is a boat load of guests. Typically under sail I will sit just in front of the wheel or up on the coaming so I...
  3. dj2210

    Rocna on Bowsprit

    I finally got a chance to fit the Rocna 10 to my C30 tall rig. Haven't used it yet but will see how it works in our river. Not much real estate at the bow so made a chain stopper out of aluminum channel.
  4. dj2210

    C30s are great

    Took this video last year. Solo sailing and it was a blast. Love those steady wind, 70 degree days.
  5. dj2210

    Holding tank vent

    I was thinking about installing a 3/4 or 1 inch thru-hull vent for the holding tank above the port rub rail and eliminating the stanchion vent. Our holding tank is midship under the port settee. I'm concerned about heeling though and getting water in there, not that my rail is in the water much...
  6. dj2210

    We got ice!

    Well the second race of the season was suppose to be today. Forecast was for a balmy 55 with 5-10 mph SW winds. Unfortunately no one predicted the 1inch of ice surrounding the marina. :(
  7. dj2210

    C30 engine stringers

    Anybody ever replace their C30 engine stringers? My motor mount lag bolts are loose and don't tighten. I assume there is wood under the glass. My plan is to mount the new motor mounts (vetus k75) on some 3/8" stainless plates the length of the stringer, about 22" long using 5200 and some lag bolts.
  8. dj2210

    Should I sell them?

    Purchased ST60+ tridata and wind instrument less than 2 years ago for my C27 but never installed them and then sold the boat. Was going to install them in my C30 but purchased i70 displays and installed them with the transducers from the ST60+. I was saving them as a back up display but have...
  9. dj2210

    Replacement Diesel Tank

    My aluminum tank has a pinhole. I know I could get it repaired but thinking it might be time to replace. New aluminum tanks are around $400. Any reason not to replace with plastic instead of aluminum if I can find something to fit?
  10. dj2210

    New Hardware on Traveler

    In case anyone was thinking about upgrading their traveler, I installed this hardware recently on my 23 year old traveler. At first I thought I had made a mistake at the size of it compared to the streamlined original, but after using it I'm glad I did. Has 5:1 purchase as compared to the...
  11. dj2210

    Replacing the cabin lights

    My 1990 has four florescent fixtures located in main cabin and four of the incandescent square lights in V berth, head, and aft berth. The florescent fixtures are kinda ratty, yellow looking. I was thinking of replacing with new fixtures but not sure what to use. I thought about aqua signal...
  12. dj2210

    Raymarine e7 thoughts

    I was thinking of installing this chart plotter at the helm on my C30. I already have Ray instruments and autopilot and thought this would complete the system. I had thought about an iPad but I know from experience it's not too good in the sun and with adding an instrument to wifi interface plus...
  13. dj2210

    Extra Rudder

    *NO LONGER Available* Since I sold my C27 which the rudder was replaced with a Booth rudder, I still have the old rudder. The new owner didn't want it. Before I toss it in the dumpster would anyone be interested in it? It is pretty heavy and awkward so shipping would be expensive.
  14. dj2210

    Mast dropping costs vs ATN climber

    I have a few things to do that require access to mast head (wind instrument replacement , furler replacement, etc). My marina wants to charge about $700 to drop the mast, lay it in the yard, and set it up again. That is with me removing the sails and boom. Seems kinda expensive to me. I would do...
  15. dj2210

    Are folks buying sailboats?

    My C27 has been up for sail since last July. Considering I've put way more $ into it than I'm asking, I've only had one serious looker and several calls. Anybody else having difficulty selling their boat?
  16. dj2210

    Where is everyone

    Seems real quiet here on c30 forum. I'm slowly building up my parts and checklist for when the weather warms up a bit. So many things I want to do but lack the funds at present. Although the weather man is predicting close to 60 on Tuesday. Looks like a mental health day coming.
  17. dj2210

    Putting in a new wind instrument

    I have a new wind instrument and cable to install. I've several options, paying the yard to do it @ $75/hr (probably at least 2 hours) or do it myself. If I do it myself I will need to buy/get/borrow a bosun chair or harness and have a helper hoist me. The old wire could be used as a cable pull...
  18. dj2210

    New lifelines

    Time for new lifelines on my C30. Has anyone used the Catalina Direct double deluxe kit? I priced out the parts from other places and it seems they are close in price.
  19. dj2210

    Exhaust Flow

    Happy New Years to All. We been out of town for a couple of weeks and haven't been able to post this. After repairing the leak on my exhaust manifold I seem to have alot better water flow coming out the exhaust. Other than disconnecting the raw water hose coming into the riser I haven't fooled...
  20. dj2210

    Mast electrical conduit

    Not yet having my mast off I assume that the VHF and wind instrument cables travel thru a pvc conduit. Does anyone know if those cables are free or fastened? I would like to run my new wind instrument by going aloft and using the old cable to pull the new one down. Doug 1990 C30