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  1. Shawn Fitz72

    Halyard line for a 1973 Irwin28

    Can anyone tell me what size line was used for halyards on this boat? Any info would be very helpful. Thank you!
  2. Shawn Fitz72

    Missing centerboard?

    I own a 1973 Irwin28. There are cable and pulleys in the bilge and the remnants of a hand crank in the cockpit. The pulleys are completely rusted and seized up. I believe I have a centerboard model. I took a line and ran it under the boat from bow to Stern and felt no centerboard in down...
  3. Shawn Fitz72

    A question about the cockpit of a 1973

    On the starboard side of the cockpit, on the seat behind the storage an plastic oval insert. It has a rubber gasket that sits in the a seat. The plastic container has two small compartments...what is this thing? I've looked all over the net, with no luck.
  4. Shawn Fitz72

    Just bought my first sailboat..a 1973 Irwen28

    I have recently purchased a 1973 Irwen28. This boat was abandoned. Its hatch was left open for a period of time, so it was flooded with about 12-16 inches of rain water. I pumped all this water out. Cleaned it all up with bleach and Dawn. Some plywood was saturated. I also cleaned the deck. I...