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    Hunter Legend 1985 34' Cutlass Bearing replacement

    I am looking to see if anyone knows the exact dimensions for the cutlass bearing on a 1985 34' Hunter Legend. I dove the boat this past weekend after hearing a an ever increasing "thumping" sound and feeling an increase in vibration and realized that there is play between the shaft and the...
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    85 34' Hunter Strut Replacement

    So, our prop broke recently while underway (that was exciting) and while I was able to dive and replace it with a new to me prop, I noticed that the bearing inside the strut is either worn or completely missing. I am wondering, has anyone attempted to replace the strut or just the bearing while...
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    1981 33' Hunter Jib Roller Furler removal

    I currently have a 165% Jib on my boat and need to remove it to put on a 185%. My 165 is in need of some sewing type repairs. I have never had the Jib off and I am in need of some assistance/advice. I am a pretty new sailor and owner of this great boat, so be gentle with responses. Do I have to...