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    Composting toilet

    Been reading about composting toilets for use on a boat. Anyone have any experience with one?
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    Morgan 32

    Looking at 1982 Morgan 32; a little concerned about the chainplate design - anyone know about the integrity/strength of this part of the boat? Not planning on circumnavigation, but don't want to be wondering in a big blow. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Too much draft?

    Making plans for the "next" chapter; bought the 15' day sailor, loved it; the next year bought the 22' little cruiser, out sailing all weekend every weekend, loved it. Now seriously considering a live-aboard, and looking at a 36' Mariner. Question for those who know: 5' draft too deep for the...
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    Still on the hard but the mast is up; just making sure rigging is all good before we trailer to the marina in a month. Noticed leaks in the chain plates that weren't there before (surely from the tension from the stays). Any thoughts on how best to tackle that issue?
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    Spare Main Halyard?

    We are the new owners of a 1981 Hunter 22. Weather is finally improving so we're finally able to get out and work on the boat. Looking at the mast there appear to be three halyards; one clearly for the jib, but looks like two for main. On this particular boat PO replaced jib & main halyards as...
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    Outhaul on Kenyon boom

    We purchased a 1981 Hunter 22 in the fall. Boat is in great shape, but hasn't been on the water in a while. The lines on the boom were kind of a mess, and the outhaul line has ended up inside the boom. Searched the internet for diagrams of what the lines should look like inside the boom to no...
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    Right size anchor?

    We purchased a 1981 H-22 this past fall. She came with an 8 s Danforth anchor. We will be lake sailing, with varied bottom - sand, rock, mud, depending; question is, is the anchor of sufficient size for the boat? Our home port is a marina, but we plan on lots of cruising up and down the Lake...
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    Mounting a transducer

    We are shopping for a depth sounder for our 1981 Hunter 22, and are considering a Hummingbird. Any advice on whether to mount on the transom or inside the hull, say in the bilge? Merry Christmas!
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    Spinnaker pole

    We recently purchased a 1984 Hunter 22. She came with a spinnaker in great shape, but no pole. My husband is a woodworker & could probably make one, but we need dimensions. Any ideas?
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    Fabric organizers in the forword berth

    We are the proud owners of a 1981 Hunter 22. When we were still shopping for a Hunter, I saw photos posted that showed what appeared to be fabric "pocket" organizers toggled onto the hull interior in the forward berth. Does anyone know about this item and whether or not it still can be purchased?