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  1. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    dlochner , you named it . I believe those cables were made from arc welding cable . Please trust me they are in good shape , haha all this talk about charred stuff makes me want to fire up the Q . Down to the boat to day and I'm happy to report all is good batts. floating at 13.5 , but now I'm...
  2. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Stu yes talking about the starting battery , that was my problem . House bank charging correctly , start batt. no charge . problem was 1-2- selector switch . Tighten the nut was the fix . But now I don't like that switch and it will be replaced . Yes I know Maine Sail , I bought the charger...
  3. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Ken , actually I did trouble shoot this time before tossing . At first I was going to replace the batt. before doing anything but I called my gold plated electrician first and he saved me . As for the loose selector switch I never thought about repairing it wouldn't it be nice if I could just...
  4. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    OK , I have some answers . First the battery was tested by a type of meter that I have never seen before and was found to be good . Long story short , loose connection on the 1-2- all- off rotary switch (I was not the last one to tighten the nut) . We changed the programming on the charger back...
  5. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Hi Misfits , yes the charger is of the CEC compliant type I was running it in power supply mode witch bypasses CEC
  6. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Hi David . yes the starter is a sealed lead acid maintenance free type . I'm thinking like you too 12.7 is 100% at rest , I did however run it down to 12.2 and it very slowly came back up 12.6 last night I will check it today . And weird thing there was never a charge voltage it was always...
  7. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Recently I had a battery charger installed on our boat , the electrician and I started on with the operation and I forget why but I checked the voltage on the battery's . The house bank (open flood) was at float 13.2 and the starter batt. (sealed acid) was at 12.7 . The charger we were replacing...
  8. markwesti

    Wednesday Photo day again

    I call this my Catalina Island blister . IMG_3307 by mark westi, on Flickr
  9. markwesti

    Stop thief!

    We have a anchor thief .
  10. markwesti

    1GM10 Engine Wire Harness

    We have a 2QM 15 and it is fresh water cooled . In the past I have removed the thermostat when trying to track down over heating problems . I left it out for awhile and it made no difference , I was still over heating . So I finally got the over heating fixed and I put back in the thermostat . I...
  11. markwesti

    Canvas Treatment?

    My friend used 303 and didn't read the label first , he sprayed it on the Isinglass covers while they were in place . Big mistake , the 303 melted the Isinglass . We made it look much better with Meguiar's Plast - X...
  12. markwesti

    The mystery of rig tuning

    Fairly easy to do on our boat , It was a lot easier before we put on the roller furling . Fortunately for westsailors a user manual has been written and a nice description of the mast tune operation . Something you guys might find interesting , after you get the mast straight port to...
  13. markwesti

    New Guy Hello!

    Hey Oz , congrats on your first boat . That Hunter looks like a really nice boat Replacing running rigging is easy , there are so many types of line these days the hard part will be deciding which line to use . For me I like Sta-Set by New England...
  14. markwesti

    Painting bottom

    Put one jack stand in place before moving one , and make sure it's solid . And don't forget the waxed paper . DSCF2297 by mark westi, on Flickr
  15. markwesti


    Well I found out some interesting stuff , I had some half used up tubes of BoatLife and sure enough it is Life Caulk . I think I will give the Life Seal a try . Thanks guys , Mark .
  16. markwesti


    Thanks for the compliment jssailem , original construction method for all Westsails was when they were fitting the cap rail to the gunnel they would first lay down a "bedding compound" and like you say screw it down with a counter sunk screw . The area of concern is where the cap rail sits on...
  17. markwesti


    Bob , that is a very good question . I will find out for sure today and to be truthful I didn't know there were two different types . Also I'm not looking for bedding compound , but thank you for the suggestions . I'm looking for a sealant that will stick to a teak to teak joint and a teak to...
  18. markwesti


    I have been using BoatLife , i'm over it . What stuff do you people use ? i'm looking to seal up stuff like a cap rail and hatches that are made out of teak . I have been looking at Sikaflex Construction Sealant and Sikaflex 291 , also I need it in white and black . Thank you . Mark . Caprail...
  19. markwesti

    Don't know where Weds is photo day went, but here's an old one

    I don't know about anybody else but now and then I like to hang out in boat yards . This little jewel was just sitting there , word was that it came to California on a trailer from somewhere in the mid west . Boat is a Falmouth Cutter 22' 001 by mark westi, on Flickr
  20. markwesti

    Absorption charging rate?

    Sorry can't answer your question , But on the other hand . When I bought our 6V T105's the shop gave me Trojans booklet for their battery's . It covers most of their batts. I keep it on the boat and I'm not there . You can get your own here Also I called them...