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  1. CalebD

    Bietzpadlin is under new management

    Sorry to hear this Ross. Bietzpadlin was your baby. Please don't be a stranger. Your wit would be sorely missed.
  2. CalebD

    Winterizing A4

    Go to the Moyer Marine website. Find the Atomic 4 service manual and buy it. The manual has the winterization procedure clearly outlined. If you are getting conflicting local advice it is probably because your local advice is not so good. Many so called mechanics are not familiar enough with...
  3. CalebD


    Probably put there because they knew you would have to replace it one day. Actually the 1/8" ply is probably supposed to support the fabric below it. Not a fan of headliners.
  4. CalebD

    In memory of Ruth...

    Sumner, What can one say? You (& Ruth) were one of the highlights of this SBO forum for me. I have also wondered why we hadn't heard of new cruising adventures of yours in your bigger boat (Endeavor 37'?). The reason for your silence is very sad. Life is short and precious. Thanks for...
  5. CalebD

    Question for the brain trust

    I like Parick's idea. Some of the Interlux thinners (202, 216, 333 etc) are made with pretty toxic stuff like lacquer thinner & MEK. Even gasoline is a strong solvent. The damage looks like a heavy ring shaped object was left on it for a long time but the damage could have been done in 1...
  6. CalebD

    Sailor Lost off NY....

    Sad indeed. I've been out on the LI Sound with gusts up to 50 knots; it is kind of scary with 6' swells & white horses everywhere. Not that the wind was that strong that day but it was not calm that day either. It was a poor choice of weather to make that trip by boat, in that boat. Sheer...
  7. CalebD

    Puzzle: Impeller Oberdorfer M202-3 Atomic IV

    You really should check on the Moyer Marine website. They sell the impellers for the Oberdorfer pumps used on the Atomic 4.
  8. CalebD

    OMC Saildrive; starting on the hard

    Um, I'm not sure about a saildrive unit but with my inboard engine you do NOT attach a pressurized hose to the cooling water hose. This can be a good way to fill the cylinders with water, especially if the engine is difficult to start. Instead, I use a 5 gallon bucket to hold the water, place...
  9. CalebD

    Cutlass bearing

    My Cutless bearing replacement job blossomed into a full drive train job too. While first trying to remove the shaft from the coupling (inside the boat) we discovered that the bronze shaft had become worn at the Cutless bearing point. This simplified things immensely as we were easily...
  10. CalebD

    Sailboat surveyor in or around Long Island?

    Where on Long Island is it Ross? Someone here might be willing to visit the boat for you, take pictures and report back to you before you even call in a surveyor. I'm in NYC but think of LI as my "back yard". As for accredited surveyors, go to the NAMS & SAMS websites. They list their...
  11. CalebD

    Foam Luff

    Have foam luff on genny and love it. I'll suggest that just having the foam sewn into the luff may not be all that is necessary for it to furl/reef properly. The furler mechanism has something to do with how the sail shapes. With our Furlex 101 unit it starts wrapping up the sail in the...
  12. CalebD

    Constructive Loss Lighting Hit

    About 9 years ago my boat was a declared a CTL by BoatUS. Insured value was $8K but we bought it back at "salvage" for $800. Used remainder to fix boat. Could NOT get insurance the following year - no where, no how. If continued insurance coverage is of value to you then I'd suggest you work...
  13. CalebD

    sail repair eastern long island

    I'll 2nd doyle in Huntington.
  14. CalebD

    Keep yanmar yse 12 or buy volvo md2?

    I'll advise you do not buy a Volvo. Parts can be quite expensive if you can find them.
  15. CalebD

    Origo 6000 for sale???

    I got a good deal on an Origo 1500 unit on craiglist a year or two ago. Keep checking ebay & craigslist.
  16. CalebD

    a tartan 34 or a cal 34.. suggestions?...

    With the "V" drive set up the engine is oriented backwards, with the output shaft facing the bow. The "V" drive gear box reverses the direction of the shaft and routes it back under the engine. In most "V" drive set ups the stuffing box, shaft log (or dripless shaft seal) are inconveniently...
  17. CalebD

    Raritan KO2 kit

    Yes, a bit pricey for what it is as Peggie points out.|51|2234295&id=2304126 A 22 oz bottle of CP & KO will run you < $40. No head system or toilet is plumbed such that the bowl can contaminate your fresh water supply (intentionally). Check...
  18. CalebD

    Catalina 30 Universal M18 underpowered

    Actually you did not specify what type of transmission you have. If it is direct drive then I stand by my assertion that a smaller prop will be better. If it is a reduction drive tranny then it may be able to take a slightly larger prop. If there is a Hurth transmission then it is probably a 2.x...
  19. CalebD

    Catalina 30 Universal M18 underpowered

    John, Making your prop bigger is only going to slow down your max rpms and make your engine struggle. I stand by my assertion that a Catalina 30' with a 12" x 6" is about all you need. Your prop is in a strut in nice clean water so you do not need extra size to propel your boat. If you really...
  20. CalebD

    Catalina 30 Universal M18 underpowered

    John, There are a bunch of Catalina 30' owners over on the Moyer Marine forum and almost all of them use a 12" x 6" - 2 blade prop, or perhaps the Indigo or Campbell Sailor. Yes, the Atomic 4 is not an M18 and in theory can deliver up to 30 HP but most of the time Atomic 4 owners are getting...